‘No More Babies’ Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn and Tyler

Famed for having kids, Catelynn Baltierra and Tyler Baltierra were first introduced to us on '16 & Pregnant.' The very

'No More Babies' Says 'Teen Mom OG' Stars Catelynn and Tyler

Famed for having kids, Catelynn Baltierra and Tyler Baltierra were first introduced to us on '16 & Pregnant.' The very in-love couple became pregnant with their first child in 2009. Fans watched them navigate pregnancy at a young age with a not so simple lifestyle. Cate and Tyler also shared the uncensored moments that come with adoption. They made the incredibly tough decision to create an adoption plan for their firstborn. Gratefully, it was an open adoption that has allowed them to see Carly ever since.

However, three more baby girls later and ready o begin a new chapter of life, Cate and Tyler are saying "no more babies."

Tyler Takes One For The Team

The candid couple took the news about Tyler's vasectomy to Instagram. Cate captioned a video of her husband post procedure which read, "@tylerbaltierramtv took one for the team *crying face emoji* *heart emoji* *winky tongue out emoji* #nomorebabieshere."

The Instagram video showed Tyler relaxing with their youngest baby holding an ice pack to his crotch with a song playing in the background "Va-va-vasectomy. I had too many kids, it's what society expects of me." Tyler goes from a serious face to genuine laughter once he realizes the tune playing.

Tyler responded to the video "If ANYONE has taken one for the team it’s YOU! Your amazing body has carried & birthed 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was get a shot & 2 snips! Once I figured out what the song was though, I was dyyyiiinngg lmao I love you!!! "

And, following his loving words towards his wife were some honest ones for those who refuse to get this procedure.

Tyler continued in his comment, "But on another note…I’ve recently been seeing a lot of women saying that their significant others didn’t want to get one. This is WILD to me! Any man who’s not willing to get a vasectomy so his wife doesn’t have to get her tubes tied is pathetic as hell & I’m sorry that you’re with such a selfish weak man…you deserve better! (thank you for coming to my tedtalk) hahaha! ‍♂️"

Cate's husband also went on Instagram LIVE on Friday, May 6 to answer questions from fans about the topic.

One fan wrote in the comment section of the video, "More babies?" to which Tyler responded, "No more babies! We are all done. This is the last baby right here. All done." He also added in, "Honestly, I'm happy about it."

A Proud Girl Dad

In addition to their first daughter, Carly, the happy couple has three daughters, Novalee Reign, 7, Vaeda Luma, 3, and, Rya Rose, who's just 8-months old.

Tyler has been open and honest about wanting a son to raise. The couple even looked into the possibility of IVF to choose their desired gender. However, they kept it natural and kept it girly.

A 'Featured Moment' clip from Teen Mom OG shared a comment from 2015 about Nova. Tyler admitted, "When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was, 'dammit.' I really wanted a boy so bad. And now that she's here, I can't even picture not having a girl. It's weird, but I was pissed at first."

However, Tyler has proved himself to be the ultimate #GirlDad.

The father of four, raising three beautiful girls, is consistently seen sharing love and happiness towards his girls. (His wife as well.) He protects the females around him and shares his admiration for the strength that comes with being a woman. Tyler has proved time and time again that he is IN IT for the long haul. Also, that getting a vasectomy doesn't strip him of his manhood. Shout out to you Tyler.