‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra’s Father Is Behind Bars For His Third OUI

Butch Baltierra, the father of Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra, and father-in-law to Catelynn Baltierra, has struggled with alcohol

'Teen Mom OG' Star Tyler Baltierra's Father Is Behind Bars For His Third OUI

Butch Baltierra, the father of Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra, and father-in-law to Catelynn Baltierra, has struggled with alcohol and substance abuse for quite some time now. Butch has been in and out of rehab and sober on and off, however, he can't seem to get it to stick. His lack of consistency had forced the couple to keep their distance, Catelynn stating back in January 2020, "He's just kind of doing his own thing. There is some communication, though it's sparse. He texts us randomly and Tyler also shoots him a text here and there but that's about it."

And, it appears as though the reality TV couple made a good decision because it's been reported by The Ashley's that Butch is behind bars (again) for his third OUI (Operating Under the Influence). He committed this crime back in 2020 but was found guilty in March 2022, leaving him with A LOT of work to do to be free again.

One Relapse After Another

credit: The Ashley’s

Back in July 2019 Butch made an appearance at the Teen Mom OG Reunion where he was heavily questioned about his sobriety. Prior to filming he shared a video from his hotel room where he thanks everyone for their support on his journey to become sober. He continued to share, "I'm an alcoholic addict that struggles, and every day life for us, well, for me, I have to use my own experience. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't but I'm back on track, trying to get back on there."

He added, "I relapsed four or five months ago. But, I'm back and I'm trying to get it right. I turned 57 last month and I'm getting old. I damn sure ain't going back to prison, I know that!"

Butch concluded his video with saying, "I'm trying to rebond with my family. I get to meet my new granddaughter soon I hope. I still ain't met her yet. I know, I'm egotistic, self-centered and all that. I'm and idiot sometimes, most of the time. But I wanted to let you know what's happening."

And although this video sounded promising, Butch being aware of his downfalls, other were still worried about the truth of his sobriety while on set for the reunion.

Behind-the-scene sources shared with The Ashley's "Several people including Dr. Drew [Pinskey] questioned Butch on-stage and asked if he was sober. Dr. Drew actually asked Butch repeatedly if he was currently sober ad Butch said he was."

The source went on to reveal, “He talked about how he is done ‘working the program’ [of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous] and said he’s doing sobriety ‘his’ way.' Dr. Drew tried to explain to him that addicts are not usually successful in staying sober unless they work a program, but Butch didn’t agree.”

Suga Mama Drama

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In June 2020 Butch was arrested and put behind bars in Flint, Michigan. Two years later, he continues to fail at sobriety but succeeds in love?

According to Tyler, Butch got himself a girlfriend. The girl dad reported, “I talked to him like a month ago. He is in Texas, with some crazy chick that he’s dating…when he's using he’s in this different character mode that I can only deal with so much. I think he is [using drugs], based on my knowledge of him and everything, yeah for sure.”

Tyler added that Butch's girlfriend also has a lot of money which doesn't help the situation. “He’s with this chick who has got lots of money, so he’s kind of got this endless enabler, really. They’re in a toxic—they ain’t in a good situation… I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve just accepted him. He’s an addict. Relapse is part of it," shared Tyler.

Back Behind Bars

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According to court records, Butch will be in jail until at least June 25 which also happens to be his 60th birthday.

Once Butch is released from jail, there will be very strict and specific probation terms that he will have to follow to get his freedom back.

In March, he was ordered not to possess a deadly weapon; to have his vehicle immobilized for one year; refrain from "assaultive or threatening behavior" and to participate in both mental health treatment and an inpatient/residential substance abuse treatment program. Butch is also forbidden from buying, using or possessing alcohol. Nor can he enter any establishment that serves it. With that, he will also need to submit to alcohol and drug tests and perform 360 hours of community service.

Once he's released he will be allowed to live in Texas rather than moving back to Michigan, however, he will need to pay several fines and find/ maintain a job.