Farrah Abraham’s Face Concerns Fans Again, This Time Though, They’re Feeling Bad

Farrah Abraham is constantly under ridicule from fans who by now, are more like haters. From her attitude, her actions

Farrah Abraham's Face Concerns Fans Again

Farrah Abraham is constantly under ridicule from fans who by now, are more like haters. From her attitude, her actions and her constant "need" to go under the knife, people are becoming fed up. However, after an incident out at the bar one night, Abraham seems to be turning her life around.

The other weekend she celebrated her 31st birthday in Hawaii and shared photos that couldn't be missed by the eyes of the internet. And, it wasn't just the photos that caught the attention of fans. There was a detail within them that started conversations, leaving fans concerned for Farrah.

A Racy Thong And A Droopy Face

Celebrating he birthday in Hawaii, Abraham posed in front of a waterfall, wearing a dark grey, thong bikini, and cowboy boots. She's standing with one leg propped on a rock and her opposite arm reaching above her.

Typically, a wardrobe malfunction would be the first concern. However, fans eyes caught another detail that sparked conversation on Reddit.

Teen Mom fans noticed that the reality TV stars face "appeared to droop." The thread was titled, "Did she have a stroke? Why is the left side her of face drooping? I'm starting to feel sorry for her, again. I've never seen anyone else this desperate and embarrassing. Poor Sophia."

Some fans suggested a stroke while others mentioned that it could be from excessive use of Botox.

One user explained, "Droopy eyelid can be a Botox reaction but it's rare." Another fan replied, "True, though with the amount she has I'm guessing the odds are going to catch her."

One fan referred to past writing, "I saw a video of hers quite a while ago where she was seeing a botox doc… and they were talking about some issue she has that causes her one eye to do this… maybe it's just time for another tune-up."

One more chimed in, "She has pushed the surgeries to the limit. It is probably nerve damage causing the drooping."

One Droopy Eyelid And A Wardrobe Malfunction Later

Although the waterfall photo survived a wardrobe malfunction, her beach photos did not.

Abraham wore a different grey bikini top, held on by chains and a small cloth that flapped open on the bottom, and denim bikini bottoms. And, with a malfunction seeming inevitable by the sound of that top, one happened.

As the star ran through the water, her nipples popped out from underneath the teeny top.

New Year, New Farrah

Staying at the iconic Royal Hawaiian Resort dubbed the "pink hotel" in Waikiki, Abraham celebrated her 31st birthday with her daughter Sophia. She enjoyed a lavish cake on the beach with a huge floral and balloon display, given to her by her 13-year-old.

The mom of one used this vacation to celebrate a new year of life. On Instagram, she captioned a video with Sophia and her cake, "To my 31st, The one I've been waiting for… she's here. sobriety, healed & blessed, the best gift in the entire world @sophialabahram"

Abraham has been open about her mental health struggles following her assault arrest for allegedly slapping a security guard outside a bar. She completed a 28-day stint in rehab in March to help deal with her trauma and has been working on herself since. Cheers to 31 and what's to come for Farrah!