Jaylan Mobley Is Blending Into The MTV Drama After Being Accused Of Creating A Fan Page For Himself

With so much talk in the media, it's only fair to expect a fan page to appear for Leah Messer's


With so much talk in the media, it's only fair to expect a fan page to appear for Leah Messer's serious boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley. The two met during an ESPN project in 2021. They became hot and heavy quickly, moving in together and getting a dog. Messer and Mobley have openly talked about marriage plans during the Teen Mom finale where viewers experienced a slight disagreement between them however, they are still going strong, so it seems like they're working through it.

Currently, a new fan page is on Instagram for Jaylan and well, fans find it very hard to believe that it was created by anonymous users. Instead, they are calling out Messer's new beau, saying that he created the page himself.

Reaching For Fame, Jaylan?

After coming across a fan page for Jaylan, fans created an online thread accusing the US Army cyber officer of making it himself.

One fan wrote, "You know he made that for himself." While another pointed out, "I'm sure he made this himself. He's his own biggest fan."

Fans attacked Jaylan's alleged desire for fame and expressed their concern for Leah and her inability to find a man who doesn't use her for fame.

A third user chimed in, "Seems to me Leah hasn’t found a man who just wanted to jump on the MTV bandwagon and get some notoriety for himself. He’s a little too comfortable being 'famous' so soon."

"The more I see of him (on TV and social media), the less I like him. He comes off as incredibly full of himself and a clout chaser. A fan page (likely made by himself) when he's been on the show for 3 minutes?" wrote a fourth person.

Another commented on the assumption that Jaylan is using Leah writing, "He’s putting himself out there like he’s piggybacking on Leah’s TV fame and trying to make something for himself."

Moving On From Divorce And Moving In With Love

The TV personality opened up to Page Six about her previous marriages with Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert. She stated, “I didn’t realize until much later that I wasn’t myself.” She continued, “I thought once you got married, you had to stay married, period. For me, divorce was liberating. I got to find out who I truly was at the end of the day.”

Messer and Simms met in 2009 when Messer was only 16 years old. And just a few months into knowing eachother, Messer found out that she was pregnant. The pair shares twins, Ali and Aleeah. Shortly after separating from Simms, Messer began dating Calvert in 2011. The pair got married after just eight months of dating. And, ten months later, Leah gave birth to a third child, Addie, with Calvert.

The mother of three admitted, “There wasn’t even chemistry in these relationships. I think I just moved so fast because I was looking for love. For me personally, it was like I wanted to be loved. It was just some sort of comfort for me.” And although the two men might not have been the right fit romantically, she’s able to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship with them.

Talking about her relationship with Jaylan, Messer shared, “It was on my own terms and my own time when I was ready to get back out there into the dating world." Although, she also wanted to have all three of her daughters' blessings when doing so.

Mobley steadily proved to Messer that he could truly be the one for her, one reason being his “natural” connection with her kids. Messer shared, “I dated a few guys for a minute until I wanted to be exclusive until I knew this is it, this feels right to me and we got something here. It kind of just evolved from there.”

The couple battles some issues with distance however, Jaylan wasted no time solving that problem.

Mobley announced his big purchase on social media, per InTouch Weekly; "'Proud to be a first-time homeowner!' the U.S. Army officer, 25, captioned an Instagram carousel post on Friday, April 1. 'I am so thankful and blessed and still speechless to own this home. Surprise! @leahmesser. I’m proud of you for selling your first home, and so, I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home.'”

Mobley added in the post, "We deserve this! You deserve this! I can’t wait to build, grow, and create generational wealth, legacy, and opportunities for us and our families. This is to the next chapter and really leveling up! For most people, these are special moments you remember the most — and as a black young man from Charlotte, this is a dream come true.”

Mobley's post showed the house to be a charming brick house – with a lot of square footage. A brief peek inside the stately front door shows an elegant staircase, dark hardwood floors, and all the space Messer and her family need to spread out and feel right at home. The pair took fans on a brief tour of the yard as well, pointing out the sprawling acreage lovingly embraced by a white wooden fence. It's not quite a white picket fence, but it's clear from the beauty of the home and the smile on Messer's face that she's living the American Dream.

Amid breakup rumors and other small bouts of drama, the couple continues to grow strong together. But, will the new "fan page" cause another bump in the road?