A Message From Kailyn Lowry’s Ex To The Potential Next Husband Of The ‘Teen Mom’ Star

It's pretty much been confirmed that the Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is a magnet to all things drama. Whether

A Message From Kailyn Lowry's Ex To The Potential Next Husband Of The 'Teen Mom' Star

It's pretty much been confirmed that the Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is a magnet to all things drama. Whether it be a baby daddy, an ex-boyfriend, a co-star, or even a friend, Lowry has shown to struggle in the area of playing well with others. This time Lowry's name being in the headlines comes from an ex sending a warning to her new beau, Elijah Scott. After the pair went Instagram official, Malik Montgomery was inspired to go live on Instagram to advise Scott about what he is committing to.

Kailyn’s Ex Takes The Mic

Montgomery took the time out of his day to hangout in his car and 'do Scott a favor', so to speak, by going on Instagram Live to attack Lowry's behaviors as a girlfriend. This all came after the mom of four made her new relationship Instagram official.

In the video Montgomery warns that Scott might eventually "get tired of feeding the dogs," and that he might be "changing diapers soon." The weirdest twist comes is his segue into talking about his new lady. Strange to be caring so much about Lowry's life and her new man when he claims to be so into his woman. Gushing over her he stated, "I don't even know how God sent me that one." Hmmm.

But wait. There's more.

In a deleted Instagram story from Montgomery, he promised to leak every detail about their hidden romance. Back in April, he planned on releasing a tell-all book as well as a podcast. He through shade writing, "Ex hit my line with quickness. Can't wait to read her message on my new podcast." Is anyone else raising an eye brow, questioning if he is more dramatic than Lowry?

“[S]He Doesn’t Even Go Here!”

Montgomery and Lowry's relationship was kept a secret. Not even MTV knew about this one. However, his identity was revealed during the Teen Mom star's lawsuit with Briana DeJesus. In August 2021, court papers confirmed that Lowry was in a relationship but his identity was undisclosed.

She wrote in the legal documents, "I have been in the public eye since I was a teenager. I am now nearing 30. While I have allowed filming in my home for years, I recently requested that the Series not film about someone I have been dating." She continued, "It is my understanding that this resulted in me not being included in the June 8, 2021 episode of the series. It has nothing to do with my arrest that was expunged, or the allegations that were made against me that resulted in that arrest."

Today Instagram, Tomorrow Marriage?

Last Tuesday, before the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Lowry did a "soft-launch" of her new man on Instagram. And for those of you who don't know what that even is, it's basically Lowry sharing with the world that he has a man BUT keeps his appearance out of the picture to keep the mystery alive.

In the photo Lowry is seen laughing with her hand over her mouth and her new man, well, he is half seen. Scott is in the photo however his back is to the camera and he appears to be wearing a black hoodie and black cap. She captioned the photo, "All good over here." She added in, "What do ya'll think he said to me to make me laugh?"

Not only did the TV personality post him on social media, but she also gushed over him during an episode of Coffee Convos earlier this month, calling him "the one." This comment came after the topic of weddings came up and Lowry revealed having an interest in marriage again.

Lowry told her co-host, "If I ever get married again I'm not having bridesmaids or groomsmen. It's not a day for anyone else but myself and my husband or partner." This instigated her co-host to question, "Wait, is the wedding back on the table?" To which Lowry responded, "I would say yes. I wouldn't have, like, a huge wedding or anything. I feel like I would have a cute, very, very simple ceremony and maybe, like, a dinner afterwards." She continued, "I met the love of my life and I – yeah."

Woah, woah. Back-up. What? Is Scott the one now?

When asked about how she know's Scott is the love of her life, Lowry replied, "So, it's crazy because they say when you know, you just know and that's how I feel. I feel like I've known him for a lifetime. Like, I feel like I have known him forever." The reality star continued, I'm ready. It just feels like we've been best friends forever and now we're just together."