Sad Tweets From Mackenzie McKee Leaves Fans Worried And Urging Her To Seek Help

Teen Mom OG star, Mackenzie McKee, has been going through a tough grieving process after the loss of her mom,

Teen Mom OG star, Mackenzie McKee, has been going through a tough grieving process after the loss of her mom, Angie Douthit. Angie was battling stage four brain cancer for two years and lost her fight in December 2019 at 50 years old. And, although Mackenzie and her husband Josh McKee are known to be volatile, Angie was a strong support system for Mack and an advocate for their relationship as well.

Since the passing of her mom, Mackenzie has been open about the challenges she's faced in her grieving process. And, recently, she shared a tweet that worried fans and has them urging her to find help.

Missing Mom Extra

In mid-June Mackenzie wrote on twitter, "I'd like to just go be with my mom…" This post had fans fearing for her life, responding with comments to help change her perspective.

One user wrote, "I'm sorry hun. But those babies need you, keep pushing through"

“Yo girl,” one Twitter user wrote. “Please don’t say things like that. You have 3 kids that need their mom. You are feeling like this because you still need your mom at your age. Think about how you would’ve been to lose your mom at their tender ages, an the internet is forever.”

Another commented, "I know how you feel, but think that your kids will feel just like you do now. Bet you don't want that for then. You are strong and you can do this!!"

Another even tweeted at Dr. Drew Pinsky who co-hosts the Teen Mom reunions.

The Twitter user wrote, "@drdrew please reach out and see if she needs help.. we don't need her kids growing up feeling the way she does!!!"

Mack responded back to this one writing, "Haha mtv threw me in the trash. This is a joke if you think him or them care for my well-being."

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Following everyone's replies, Mack noted that she "will be getting help soon," and thanked everyone for their love and support.

Before getting fired from MTV, Mackenzie was seen on an episode of Teen Mom OG that aired in early 2020 explaining that her mom's passing was "one of the hardest things I've ever been through in my life."

Later in the episode, she was heard saying, "Some days I just don't even know what to do with the amount of pain. Some days I feel paralyzed, where I can't even get out of bed and move and I am not OK."

Moving On From MTV

After being let go from the Teen Mom franchise, Mackenzie admitted to things being not so good.

“Recovering from a death, marriage problems, and what mtv and the OGS did to me back to back has been a rough go honestly,” McKee tweeted in May 2022.“I wish it was still about sharing the struggle of being a teen mom.”

As for her marriage issues, as we said before, her marriage is known to be toxic. Mackenzie admitted to both being disloyal in their relationship, writing a previous Instagram Story, "Josh and I went through a patch where we took a break and both stepped out in our marriage."

And while many people gave backlash towards her being with them, she claimed that MTV only aired Josh's wrongdoings and not hers.

Mackenzie wrote, "Had my husband just went off and cheated while my a** was faithful, I can promise I would have left,” she said. “But I’m honestly happy we went through that time because it only made us realize we are each other’s people and now we laugh about it all. My marriage is happier than most ‘picture perfect’ marriages I see around me.”