Emerging From Past Traumas, Farrah Abraham Plans To Adopt

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been riding her own roller coaster of emotions and drama. Since January she's been

Emerging From Past Traumas

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been riding her own roller coaster of emotions and drama. Since January she's been arrested, moved, checked into a trauma facility. Emerging from her the pain of her past and walking down a new path, she announced her plan to adopt a child. Oh, and she wants to pursue a career as a comedian.

Life Lately For Farrah

Back in January the reality TV star was arrested after being involved in an incident in a Los Angeles nightclub. An individual was harassing her in the club and when she got into a fight with them she was asked to leave the club. And no, it wasn't that casual. On her way [to being escorted] out, things got more chaotic.

The reports state that Abraham slapped the guard. The paramedics were then called and later the cops were called for backup. The report also stated that someone made a citizens arrest which people assume to have been the guard. Abraham was then taken into custody. After being release she shared a statement online with a video of the incident to explain her side of things.

Captioned beneath a video of the incident was, "I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold. I'm putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a 'private persons arrest' complete setup." The post continued, "I've had a very traumatizing year and I don't deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered… As a single mother to be harrassed, battered, and conspired against as a paying customer @grandmaster_recorders should fire their management and security for all contributing to attacking 1 person out of 3 people."

Farrah’s Mom Get Real About Her Daughter

Debra Danielsen, Farrah's mom, admitted her true feelings on The Ashley's Reality Roundup. She talked about her daughters behavior on the Teen Mom Family Reunion episode and her appreciation for the other cast members.

“When I watched the commercial [for the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ episode with Farrah in it]I was horrified. And I can’t even watch the full episode. I saw Amber Portwood trying to calm Farrah down. I was proud of Amber. I wanted to reach out and hug Amber and tell her thank you," shared Danielsen.

She added a comment about Abraham, “If people can’t love themselves, it’s very scary. On the inside that’s causing so much uncertainty. She doesn’t have peace."

She continued, "Amber understands that it’s pure hell on the inside when you feel like you don’t have any love or support. And there’s no peace in there. Amber gets it. And Maci, who I respect so much. I sent her some text messages and apologized and said Farrah is not herself right now.”

Danielsen expressed in the interview, “I was really proud of the girls [on ‘Family Reunion’] for getting this therapist and making progress. I’m proud of those women for working on making themselves better. But then here comes Farrah into the room and the whole things changes.” She also made it clear to listeners that she takes no responsibility for her daughter's behavior.

Debra stated, “What happened on [‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’] is a good example of this. The people who think I’m crazy and I caused all of this, well, I wasn’t there [on ‘Family Reunion] I wasn’t in the room, otherwise, it would have been a whole different outcome. Just as she disrupted the whole episode, you can have a family member who walks in and disrupts the whole family. It’s the same thing.”

Healing And Moving Forward With Newness

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Abraham said that she was "taking time for [her] healing." She has since completed her stay at the rehab facility and revealed her new life path. She told TMZ that her time in rehab was productive, and allowed her to move past her trauma.

TMZ shared an update that she is going to pursue stand-up comedy because "comedic relief is everything that we need." She told the outlet that she's proud of herself for getting up on stage amid her stage fright."

Not only that, but Abraham also discussed potentially adopting a child.

During her time on Howie Mandell's podcast Abraham got onto the topic of adoption. and, although she was open about sharing her interest in it, she admitted to having to "keep it secretive" if she was to. The single mom shared, "I think I would just have to keep that, like, secretive just so my child that I do adopt could just really live their best life and not be targeted."

Other future plans of Abraham include running for office. She shared, "I actually empower other victims of assaults to actually run for like office positions." she continued, "So that way we can improve, I don't know, consent culture, and laws, and just bettering our lives. Be a mayor! Be a governor!"

Farrah Abraham has expressed plenty of newness after her time in rehab. What do you think about her new endeavors?