Teen Mom Fans Concerned for Ryan Edwards After He Shared a Very SAD Post

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and ex Ryan Edwards have been through some of the most shocking moments on television,


Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and ex Ryan Edwards have been through some of the most shocking moments on television, via MTV's Teen Mom series. Let’s be honest, all of the couples and cast members on the show have had their fair share of drama. However, Ryan Edwards suffers from one of the most horrific diseases, “ drug addiction. “

The Sun reported that Ryan went on to Instagram and posted, this is what Ryan said: "Before you judge an addict, put your phone down for 24 hrs. Everytime you think about it. That's what it feels like."

I guess addiction can come in many forms and affect anyone of any age, race or gender. Teen Mom fans are very unforgiving and immediately responded with comments like: "What's his motive to post this now, after never posting anything like this? To make someone around him feel sorry for him and forgive him? Point the finger at someone?”

Don't think Ryan wanted to point the finger at anyone, but it does sound like he wanted for people to be a bit more relatable to his condition. Addiction doesn't just have to be drugs and alcohol, it can be applied to food, sex, devices, video games, coffee or even soda! So maybe Ryan has a point?

Not all fans were against Ryans post as much, another fan said: "This may be the most honest thing Ryan has ever said." and it continued with the support with this comment: "As a recovering alcoholic, I agree with him. Hope he’s taking some responsibility for himself."

And it continued with comments which praised the Teen Mom alumni, fans are definitely rooting for him, they want to see Ryan get sober and heal for the sake of his child with baby momma Maci Bookout.

Fired from the Show

Ryan Edwards was fired from the MTV series due to his fight with his ex Maci Bookout new husband “ Taylor McKinney “ during a reunion episode.

During the reunion episode a heated argument broke out between baby momma Maci Bookout and husband Taylor McKinney vs Ryan Edwards and his entire family! After the big blowout, MTV producers made the decision to fire not only Ryan Ewards, but also fire his entire family from the show. Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards share a 14 year old son named Bentley.

Shortly after the termination, Ryan Edwards current wife Mackenzie opened up and according to Mackenzie, Maci had her baby daddy Ryan Edwards fired from Teen Mom. Mackenzie says that the fight actually started between Larry who’s Ryan's dad and Taylor, Maci’s husband.

Ryan told The Sun: “I really haven’t given MTV much thought now that I have my own fabrication shop.”

Struggles with Parenting

Last year Ryan received a huge amount of backlash by Teen Mom fans as a video was leaked of him saying he would not be there for his son Bentley, on the first day of school. In the video Ryan said: "I mean, I doubt I'm going to wake up and get in the car with Maci Bookout and drop him off at school; he continued, “no, probably not, the situation would be "awkward."

For the sake of avoiding his ex he made the decision to not make himself available for such a special day for his son. I personally wouldn't mind if I'm traveling in a separate vehicle and share no contact with the other person, if there is an issue. As a parent you must put the child first before your own needs and wants. The first day of school is so important to so many children, they are nervous entering a new grade and the support of both parents can comfort the kid on this special day.