All Drama But No Ratings For ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ And Fans Think It’s Time To Close The Book

"People didn't even know it was premiering last night, and typically premiere episodes do the best," wrote one fan to

All Drama But No Ratings For 'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter' And Fans Think It's Time To Close The Book

"People didn't even know it was premiering last night, and typically premiere episodes do the best," wrote one fan to Reddit.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premiered on Tuesday, September 6, and failed to claim a spot on the Top 50 Cable Telecasts with only 203,000 live viewers. Objectively, that's a lot of people, yes. But, for the Teen Mom franchise that's one of the least-watched episodes in the history of the franchise, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup. To put it into perspective, the Season 11 premiere of Teen Mom 2 racked up 459,000 live viewers and Teen Mom Family Reunion had 463,000 live viewers for its premiere episode. (However, we will acknowledge the shift in live television ratings as a whole given the addition of streaming services, apps, and online options to watch shows.)

All in all, fans are speculating why and if the Teen Mom franchise will continue the new show.

Losing Balance On Their Last Leg?

Reddit users took their concerns to an online discussion where one stated, "I personally think the whole teen mom franchise has had its day. It was a popular show about 10 years ago but it dosent draw in young audiences anymore, the only people who watch it are 30+. it needs to end now."

Another fan commented, "I still watch this show and idk why at this point. But do I want it cancelled, hell no." Adding in, "I've put so much time into it at this point I can't back out now."

A third person wrote, "Teen Mom isn't what it used to be. MTV just let it go. Even I hate to say it, but end it."

"At one point, Teen Mom tipped the scales at a little over a million viewers. Now they struggle to get a fraction of that," said one user.

But, there are still 14 episodes left to air, a.k.a 14 opportunities for the show to get its ratings up. That's plenty of time for the baby mama drama to get spicy.

Is This Because of Jenelle Evans Absence?

Amid the controversy around Jenelle Evans and her husband, some fans are disappointed not to see the familiar face in the new series.

Evans was considered for the show however, she turned it down to pursue new opportunities. She told Us Weekly in August, “I ALONE decided to decline the terms within the agreement to pursue and further other career choices. Based on the terms, it would have not aligned with my current opportunities.”

Her manager also explained, ”It was about the exclusivity. We can’t be exclusive to MTV. She’s doing other things. It’s just a business thing, it’s nothing personal. She got along great with the producers.”

The mom of three was nothing but cordial to the franchise saying, “I appreciate MTV and the producers for including me,” and is sending “nothing but great vibes to the girls.”

Her manager revealed, “She has a new dynamic series in development, keeping the concept under wraps for now,” adding in that it will be on a "major network." He stated that they're “keeping the concept [of her new show] under wraps” for now “because it’s not what people think it is.”

Will Jenelle's new endeavor rack up higher ratings than her former? Stay tuned.