Tyler Baltierra’s Sister Gives Up Custody Over Her Teenage Son Following Her Concerning Behavior

It's been shared that the sister of Teen Mom star, Tyler Baltierra, has given up custody of her son. Amber,

Tyler Baltierra

It's been shared that the sister of Teen Mom star, Tyler Baltierra, has given up custody of her son. Amber, 35, is a mother of two, whom she shares with her ex, Mathew Bell.

Amber sparked concerns last year after a photo of her covered in bruises and cuts went viral. This comes after her legal troubles and outlandish behavior had already caught the attention of fans.

Back in the year of 2013, Amber was clearly struggling with substance abuse. She was arrested for possessing narcotic equipment and a glass smoking pipe and spent 20 days behind bars.

Then, later on in 2019, Amber was arrested and charged with assault and was held on a $1500 bond in Texas, and was sentenced to 18 months of community service.

In July, Amber had joined OnlyFans and promoted and shared her page all over social media. She captioned a post about her account: “Well my son found out so now… I will post and share! Life is short. Adults have sex!! I love my sexuality and I’m very comfortable in it.”

On top of it all, Amber had secretly married Jason Williams just last year. The star posted an unusual picture of them kissing with their tongues out. She captioned the snap: "Yes this is us. Please say something.” She also added: "This man is amazing and weird just like me! I can't imagine either of us being with anyone else, especially the normal peeps. Thank you for letting me be me while having my back."

The most recent news of Amber reveals that she "consented to the suspension of her parental rights" for the "best interests of the minor," according to the court papers obtained by the sun. Amber had previously filed a petition to appoint a limited guardian of a minor on February 14th, 2022 for her 14-year-old son, but not her daughter.

The Kids Come First

The custody change comes after Amber Regained custody of her kids back in the year 2021.

Bell was awarded custody of the children back in the year of 2018, while the family of Amber was given family parenting time, according to the Michigan Court. The children were set to be allowed to visit their mother in Texas, where she checked into a rehab facility earlier in the month, before in May of 2018.

Later on, in July of 2022, Amber and Bell were ordered by the court to share temporary joint legal and joint physical custody of their two children. They were ordered to alternate weekends from Friday to Sunday and Wednesdays from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

The new guardian of the former couples teenage son, and his wife, live in Michigan. However, Amber’s address is still listed in Texas, where she's continued to live after attending rehab.

During an April 5th hearing the judge awarded the couple of Michigan co-limited guardianship over the teenage boy. And, in the mean time, there is an active placement plan for "payment of reasonable support" and “reasonable parenting time and contact by the parents.”

The minor’s father, Bell, is considered to be an interested party in the case. Back in May of 2022, an “order regarding custody and parenting time” was filed in the former couple’s custody case in a different Michigan case.

According to multiple sources, the teenage boy was said to seem to be happy in his new home, and that’s all that matters. It is also unclear whose custody the former couple’s daughter is currently in as well.

All The Love Online

Amber often uses her platform on social media to express her love for her children.

Before entering rehab in 2018 she wrote in an Instagram post, "These two. They are my rock. My motivation. My inspiration. The reason I breathe and wake up everyday. Mommy loves you to more than you guys may know right now… You both deserve nothing but the best and I will give that to you. I’m gonna miss you these 90 days. I know dad and everyone else will keep you busy this summer. Just know I love you both with every fiber in me. When mom gets home she’s gonna be the best woman I can be and an even better mom. I’ll pray for your comfort and happiness everyday I’m not with you.. show the world your my babies and you guys are strong and can get through anything… because well, you got Baltierra blood and it don’t get stronger than that.”

Amber also posted with her son back in January for his birthday. She captioned the picture, “My baby. Thank you for letting me cook you dinner and just be there on your birthday. I am overwhelmed with emotions and no matter what life has to offer, I will never stop fighting for you. Loving you. Supporting you and everything in between.”