This week, Teen Mom OG fans were stunned when it was reveled that Taylor Selfridge would not be returning to the show. 

As we exclusively reported, Taylor had planned on leaving the show due to the fact that she didn’t feel she was being adequately compensated in terms of her pay. When she decided to leave, MTV 86’d her and Cory Wharton‘s special on their baby, Mila, at the last minute. They also then released a statement about “ending their relationship” with Taylor due to “her past racial statements on social media.”

In the wake of her departure, there have been calls to let other cast members go due to things they have put on social media in the past. There have also been many firing rumors regarding certain members of the cast. In addition, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry deleted her Twitter, which has many fans wondering what exactly is going on.

While no other casting changes have been revealed at this point in time, an exclusive source dished to us today that something started happening today. 

Our production insider shared that “The entire cast received a message today that put them on notice.”

What, specifically, did it put them on notice about?

“The cast was told that, just like background checks have been done int he past, now a social media check is going to be done,” they revealed. 

“Specifically,” our insider added, “the team that does the background checks is now going to be examining and reviewing each cast member’s social media.” 

What will happen due to this remains to be seen, but we will definitely keep you updated as more details emerge.



  • Judy, June 13, 2020 @ 2:10 pm Reply

    Holy give it a damn rest already. People grow from their past and if someone is fired or no longer relevant because of a post from when they were young and naive that is ludicrous. Not saying I support racism. But enough already. The whole world has gone mad.

    • P Verhoff, June 13, 2020 @ 7:06 pm Reply

      I agree. Taylor was young and stupid when she made those remarks and Teen Mom already showed how misguided she was when Cheyenne called her out for it on the show. They could have used this as a platform for attitude change but instead caved to PC pressure.

  • Jen, June 14, 2020 @ 8:26 am Reply

    They’re take this too far, come on Taylor’s with Cory, a lot of people in their younger years say and do a lot of stupid things. Give her a break, she’s a beautiful woman that shows her past shouldn’t define her. I see Cheyenne’s sister always wearing stuff for her race since before the killing of George Floyd. Every single life matters! People need to get a can of act right, including MTV

  • Lisa, June 17, 2020 @ 6:53 pm Reply

    Much of bull! That keep it up and all these firings on these show are gonna make people stop watching! If they weren’t worried about it before they were hired and it wasn’t while filming leave them alone! Nobody cares what happened years ago! Can’t stand people when they are scared to disagree with certain people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa, June 17, 2020 @ 6:54 pm Reply

    The need to fire Brianna also if their looking at the rest. She didn’t have a problem calling her kids hair nappy! I guess that’s ok though right smfh!

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