Get The Inside Scoop On The Up And Coming Musical Artist Pretty Pape$

Tik Tok has become one of the fastest growing influencer marketing hubs. It’s creating a new type of social media

Pretty Pape$

Tik Tok has become one of the fastest growing influencer marketing hubs. It’s creating a new type of social media fame that overflows into career fame for some. Yes, you read correct. This app is more than just scrolling and posting my friends. With reportedly 850 million users and a #ForYou page that reflects preferences unique to each user, anybody has the opportunity for a video of theirs to be seen. Tik Tok said themselves “neither follower count nor whether the account has had previous high-performing videos are direct factors in the recommendation system”.

CELEB had the opportunity to [virtually] sit down with a music artist who’s song took over the popular social media platform of 2020. His song called ‘Boomin’ was showcased in videos made by NFL and NBA players, Fenty, Redbull and more! And if you haven’t guessed it already, his name is Pretty Pape$.

Let Us Introduce You

Plenty of music artists use a stage name that has a story behind how it formed. CELEB wanted to know how the alter ego of Pretty Pape$ was born and here is what he said. “In my younger years when I first started partying I was always the one who would roll the weed. I always had zig zags on me so my friends would call me ‘Pape$’. I later added on the ‘Pretty’ because not only do I consider myself to be a good-looking person but I’ve been known to be somewhat vain. Basically I’m that dude who stands in the mirror for way too long.”

The 25 year old, Orange County California native was influenced by his family’s love for music. He established a creative mind that was eventually translated through the process of making beats and freestyling with  friends in cars. That wasn’t enough though, for it became the foundation of an “unquenchable thirst” he said. He absorbed himself in his work, continuing to write and creating new records. Pretty Pape$ went on to release an album in 2016 and has continued through to 2020, releasing his most recent EP “Everything Soundz Better on Paper”. He’s found that “there’s nothing more exciting than that first moment after making a great song.” It’s led him to always chase that feeling of euphoria.

A Filipino/ American Artist With A Unique Sound And Style

Pretty Pape$ Rap

This artist thrives off of the energy of other human beings and the intensity that comes from everyone being on the same wavelength. And because of that, performing is his passion and he writes records to be performed. He proves that he is truly one of a kind with the concept behind his music coming from the depths of his heart, delivering a new sound that he calls “futuristic vintage”. Don’t confine him to one box though. Pretty Pape$ comes with versatility. He’s put out high energy tracks like “Boomin” and “Juice”. But, he’s also gotten vulnerable with his audience when he released tracks like “Pronto” and “No Sleep” which welcome you into his mind and the way it works. The common denominator in all of his work, however, is his personality. He finds himself to be relatable and with that, he aims to share his most authentic self on every record. Creating music isn’t just an artistic expression to him. It’s a release. He says to CELEB “If I can’t create I literally wouldn’t be able to even be my true self”.

“Boomin” Booms On Tik Tok

‘Boomin’ is a hip hop/rap single that he released in 2019. In 2020 with the help of Tik Tok this single blew up and CELEB wanted all of the details and what that moment was like for Pretty Pape$ – the artist. Here’s what he said.

“It was definitely a wild moment. I remember the first time I had caught wind of some traction my friend Maiwand had sent me an instagram reels post from the Boston Celtics”. Being an LA resident he wasn’t following the team, “go Lakers” he said with humor. He continued on to say “my music wasn’t tagged but they were using ‘Boomin’ on a video of Marcus Smart doing some dance. First I was like ‘Damn I wish they tagged me!’ but then that lead me to do a little research because a majority of people recycle their Tik Toks and repost them on Instagram reels. So I entered ‘Pretty Pape$ Boomin’ in the sounds section of Tik Tok and I was shook! I literally screamed! At the time about 3,200 videos had been made including posts from the NBA , NFL, Fenty, UFC, RedBull, Sports Illustrated and many more verified and personal accounts. The first person I told was my manager and we both had this kinda ‘ahaa’ moment where we were like ‘I KNEW WE WEREN’T CRAZY!!’”.

With grace, he shared with CELEB “It’s so motivating and gratifying to see your music become a part of people’s daily lives. To see everyday people make creative videos and enjoy life to YOUR song as well as huge brands support your work is extremely gratifying and makes me want to go harder everyday. I have to say I’ve also been given a great sense of confidence from this, it was THE moment of not only exposure for myself but it gave reassurance that I’m on the right path doing what I want to do with my life. I’m so excited for what the future holds.”

Anybody else have chills throughout their entire body?

Coming Soon To A Music Platform Near You

Pretty Pape$ Studio

Emotionally motivated by his wife and immediate family, mentally motivated by his team, and physically motivated by the euphoric feeling that comes from performing, Pretty Pape$ is working day and night to prepare his next project for his fans. The continuously inspired artist shared “I love watching reactions in concerts from people who may be hearing [me] for the first time or hearing a new song [of mine] for the first time. There’s nothing like seeing that initial reaction and using that energy to amp up your own performance. It’s a rush.”

He’s most excited to share“Cuddle Szn 2” which will be released on Valentines Day of 2021 and will include a 4 part music video styled like a movie. So be sure to  get your heart shaped pizza and beverage of choice ready people.

More Than Just Music

Remember earlier when I told you not to confine this man into one box? Well here it comes again for he is more than just music. The artist has a multitude of plans for himself. Pretty Pape$ opened up to CELEB with “I feel there’s not a lot of masculine figures who represent the importance of beauty and self care so I want to be someone who brings that to the forefront. I want to breed confidence in our youth and in the people who are willing to grow.” The aspiring self-love influencer plans on getting into skincare and self care products for men. He wants to “educate his fellow males about the importance of looking and feeling good.” After all, who better to absorb energy from than a man himself who has found confidence in his skin and the persona he projects.

The Virtous Energy Carries On

Pretty Pape$ Hip-Hop

Inspiration is powerful driving force. A huge inspiration to Pretty Pape$ is Erykah Badu, being one of his favorite artists of all time. “Her spirit, her energy and her aura always seem to give her records a sense a strength and groove. I watched her perform at “Smokin Grooves” in 2017 and I literally cried. It was absolutely jaw dropping to see her perform” the authentic artist shares. And despite her lack of features, a  pivotal moment in his career would be to collaborate with her.

Although for now Pretty Pape$ is nothing shy of grateful. When CELEB asked if there was anything extra he would like to voice to his fans, he said this. “I’d like to thank literally everyone who has helped me along the way on my journey either small or big. You all have been a part of my path and I will continue to do my part and make you all proud. It truly takes a village. Realize as an artist “Pretty Pape$” is not just me. It’s an entire family, it’s a movement , it’s a belief that we can make something bigger than ourself.”

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know more of the person, or should I say family, behind Pretty Pape$. CELEB is excited to see the growth and future that advances for him. You can listen to and download Pretty Pape$ music on all music platforms and follow him on all social media platforms as well.