National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day: January 25 Reminds Us to Get Away


Jan. 24 2022, Updated 5:06 p.m. ET

In today’s society, everyone’s driven by work. Penned in by deadlines and limited in how much free time we have to ourselves, it’s hard to make yourself relax. But setting time aside to relax and unplug from your daily grind is essential for mental health. Every year, the travel industry encourages people to take time to plan on travel, on National Plan for Vacation Day. But it’s not just about boosting the travel industry, a vital part of any country’s economy, it’s about making sure everyone is taking care of their mental health. 

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National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day: January 25 Reminds Us to Get Away

On the last Tuesday of every January, the United States celebrates National Plan for Vacation Day. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the United States economy. Which means that even if workers are lucky enough to earn vacation days, they are often leaving them unused. compiled some data about what Americans are doing with their travel time and needs, and here are some of the highlights:

  • On average, American workers earn around 15.6 vacation days a year.
  • Of those days, an average of 11 are used. That means 4, or 26%, go unused.
  • Even more alarming, only around 7.2 of those days are used for travel – which means the remaining days are used for family needs or just to take a break. So Americans aren’t actually using vacation days only for vacation – which is not surprising, but is concerning.
  • Over 2/3 of Americans (around 68%) are at least moderately burned out. 13% are extremely burned out. 
  • While working remotely seems like the dream, 53% of remote workers say they’re now working more hours than they did in the office. 61% of those workers say it’s difficult to unplug, and their work can follow them anywhere. 
  • Despite the relatively low usage of vacation days, 91% of Americans say it’s important to use their paid time off to travel.

What this is all telling us is that Americans may have vacation available – not everyone does – but they don’t have the ability to take advantage or feel that they can’t afford the time away. That’s why National Plan for Vacation Day is so vital: it gives people a day to specifically sit down and plan on time to unplug and relax.

Planners travel more than non-planners. In the same survey, revealed that 56% of Americans who plan their time off took an overnight vacation in 2021. Only 33% of non-planners did the same. 

The bottom line? Set aside some time tomorrow to plan for a vacation. 

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United States Destinations


And if you’re in the United States and celebrating tomorrow, we have compiled a little list of destinations you won’t want to miss. Here are our favorite domestic getaways for a quick vacation – or a long one, if you have the days saved up:

  • The Maybourne Beverly Hills: One of California’s finest luxury hotels, the Maybourne takes classic elegance and combines it with modern luxury and convenience. Inspired by the Hollywood Golden Era, the hotel will have you feeling like a pampered celebrity. With a wide variety of room options, multiple dining options, and a view over the rolling Beverly Hills vistas, it’s the kind of hotel that makes you feel like no matter how much you pay, it would be a good deal. But it’s not extraordinarily expensive; rooms start at around $600. To plan and book your stay, visit the website
  • Equinox Hotel New York: In the heart of New York City’s Hudson Yards development, the Equinox offers breathtaking views of the city. CELEB took a look at what else you can expect to enjoy when gazing out from your room: “While it’s hard to look away from the city skyline views, the vessel view is another one we recommend considering. The Equinox sits in Hudson Yards, an imaginative building development designed to meet the needs of a growing and future NYC population. Situated at the heart of Hudson Yards is something known as the Vessel – an art installation of flowing lines and sparkling lights. It’s a captivating contemporary art display, and sure to delight guests with an eye for whimsy.” The rooms are modern and elegant, with dark woods and creative architectural touches to make guests feel like they’re staying in a luxury apartment. The Equinox’s spa offers rotating treatments, so you won’t get bored, and you’re just steps away from everything Hudson Yards – and of course, NYC – has to offer. To plan and book your stay, visit the website
  • Hotel Jackson: In the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Hotel Jackson is modern-meets-traditional. With a contemporary, minimalistic, wood-and-metal exterior and a rich traditional interior, it’s a hotel that appeals to people from all walks of life. With a cool and neutral indoor palette to frame the beautiful mountain vistas just outside, Hotel Jackson is a calming oasis in the heart of a bustling valley. Go adventuring or stay in and read a book – at Hotel Jackson, you’ll find every need met and more. To plan and book your stay, visit the website

Far-Flung Adventures


Perhaps you have all of your vacation days ready and waiting and don’t mind spending time flying somewhere far and exotic. Here are some of our favorite overseas destinations for American workers to enjoy when making use of that golden PTO:

  • Como Cocoa Island, Maldives: At Como Cocoa Island you can choose from a variety of overwater villas and bungalows, CELEB took a closer look at Como, and here’s what you should know about the rooms: “Each villa sits on its own private jetty, with the waves lapping gently below you as you sleep, play or take in the sights. In the One Bedroom with Pool, you have your very own private pool that comes with a daybed on the balcony so you can snooze beneath the setting sun with the soft cries of seabirds and the gentle whisper of the waves drowning of the buzz of your stress. The bathroom is your own private spa, with an oversized standalone tub giving you views and a feeling of ultimate luxurious pampering.” The resort’s spa includes Asian-based therapies, physical fitness classes, a Pilates studio, as well as a fitness center, hydrotherapy pool and yoga studio. Indulge in Como Shambala cuisine and stare into the eternity of paradise. To plan and book your stay to Como Cocoa Island, visit the website.  
  • Reykjavik EDITION: It’s a breathtaking modern edifice in the heart of a city unlike any other. Reykjavik EDITION offers a modern vibe with futuristic comfort. Each EDITION hotel feels like its own unique boutique brand, and they’re built in buildings completely unique to the home destination. The exterior of the Reykjavik EDITION is a bold and modern combination of shou sugi ban timber blackened by an ancient Japanese tradition, and steel beam frames that evoke images of Iceland’s lava fields. Schrager dreamed of creating a unique “alchemy and magic” for the Northern hotel, perched as it is above the pedestrian Harpa plaza, which features a canopy lit from beneath by over 12,000 LED glass nodes. Guests will have a breathtaking view of the Harpa or across Iceland’s stunning, windswept but far-from-lifeless hills and valleys. To bask in the Northern Lights and enjoy the breathtaking simplicity of a hotel well designed – visit the website.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, download the CELEB app from Google Play or the Apple app store and check out some of our travel series. Room Number gives you a glimpse into the best kept secret rooms you simply have to book, and Weekend Getaway will help you find that quick weekend vacation you’ve been dreaming of. With tomorrow being National Plan for Vacation Day, there’s no better time than now to set aside some time to relax and have fun. 

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