Neiman Marcus Shares 2021 Christmas Catalog: Over-the-top Dream Gifts

Neiman Marcus is well-known for its over-the-top Fantasy Christmas Catalog, with gifts only the wealthiest people could consider practical. But

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is well-known for its over-the-top Fantasy Christmas Catalog, with gifts only the wealthiest people could consider practical. But even if they’re a little out of reach for most shoppers, it’s a guide people can’t resist pouring over come the Holiday season. Now that it’s here, let’s take a look at some of the best – and most outrageous – gifts you can dream about giving or receiving this Christmas. 

Wear it or Write it

Neiman Marcus

Let’s dive right into the Fantasy gift guide, with the best wearable gift in the catalog, plus a dream gift for the writer in your life.

  • The Mughal Heart Diamond: If you’ve been looking for a way to tell someone in your life that they’re special, you may be looking for the Mughal Heart Diamond. At 30.86 carats, this D-color diamond is more than a ring, it’s a piece of art. The gem was mined in India’s Golconda region and comes with the singular opportunity to rename the famed gem after whomever or whatever strikes your fancy if you purchase it. While that’s a very generous gesture it makes us wonder how many people out there possess giant named diamonds they hate the name of. Is there a Kevin the Diamond out there somewhere? Back to the Mughal – it’ll only set you back $6.1 million, a small price to pay for the one you love.
  • Little people, BIG DREAMS: This gift package is for the writer you love. For $35,000, recipients of this gift will get a 2-day experience that includes an illustration workshop and the opportunity to work closely with an illustration artist and co-author to write your very own children’s book. Co-authors of the book will receive 25 handbound copies of your special edition book, along with a full library of the Little People, BIG DREAMS book collection. 

Haven’t found the dream gift for that special someone yet? Maybe you love an adventurer; never fear, there’s something for them in here too.

Experiences of a Lifetime

Neiman Marcus

There are several experience gifts in the catalog that will appeal to the adventurer and explorer in your life. Here’s a look at what an exorbitant amount of money can get you:

  • Vista Alegre: If you love porcelain, you’re probably already familiar with this world-famous Portuguese brand. For $80,000, you can purchase the opportunity to create your own fine porcelain place setting, including a full dinnerware set for 12. A photographer will document your three-day stay at Montebelo Lisbon Downtown Apartments and three nights at the Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel and the fruition of your porcelain creating dreams. 
  • The Apollo: It’s the Roaring Twenties again, and you can enjoy your own themed party at The Apollo. For just $395,000, party planner to the stars Bronson Van Wyck will set the famed Apollo Theater up for your own customized Roaring ’20’s party. A night of dance and fun for 20, this experience is an exciting opportunity to take over one of the world’s most famous venues for an evening.
  • Lindsey Vonn: Jackson Hole is the playground of ski lovers, and Caldera House is the preeminent luxury destination at Jackson Hole. International ski champ Lindsey Vonn will join the recipient of this package at Caldera House for a day on the slopes with 5 guests. Show off your designer ski gear as Vonn teaches you the ins and outs of the sport, before kicking back in luxury at Caldera House. It’ll only set you back $235,000. 

Maybe the top of your Christmas list is to save the environment. Never fear, Neiman Marcus is here; with the perfect gifts for the planet lover on your list. 

For the Eco-Conscious Millionaire

Neiman Marcus

If you’re looking for a top luxury gift but also want to give Mother Nature the gift of care, Neiman Marcus has two perfect gifts to consider.

  • Barret-Jackson Hummer EV Edition: If you’re scratching your head at the concept of an EV Hummer, you’re not alone. This one-of-a-kind vehicle is the world’s first fully-electric super truck, but hopefully not the last. Presented by Barret Jackson, The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions, this beautiful vehicle comes with a custom interior curated by Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson. Even though it’s as massive as any Hummer, this electric option travels 0 to 60 in three seconds, and only costs $285,000. 
  • Fashionphile: Fashionphile founder and president Sarah Davis will join Neiman Marcus Fashion and Lifestyle director Lisa Aiken to take you on the sustainably-minded experience of your dreams. First, they’ll come to your house and point out which objects in your collection should be sold – which doesn’t sound very pleasant, but what do we know. But don’t worry, you’ll get a $100,000 Neiman Marcus gift card to make up for the voids left in your closet. The crowning glory of the experience is a trip to Carlsbad, California, to visit Fashionphile headquarters and stay at Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, North San Diego. For the next 12 months, you’ll be able to hold onto 5 designer vintage pieces from the Fashionphile vault, and you can trade them out from the vault as often as you want until your time is up. The whole shebang only runs $345,000.

Were you inspired? If none of these gifts tickle your fancy, you can always check out the Neiman Marcus website and see if there’s something more your style.