Nelk Boys Launch FULLSEND METACARD NFT ‘Long Play’ Project

The Nelk Boys have been branching out of their social media niche into merchandise and other business ventures. In the


The Nelk Boys have been branching out of their social media niche into merchandise and other business ventures. In the Summer of 2021, they launched a new hard seltzer brand aptly called Happy Dad Seltzer. Fans went crazy for the launch and bought it out in short order. Now, the enterprising prank and influencer group is taking their future in another direction, with their Fullsend brand entering the age of NFTs. The Nelk Boys have announced the launch of their very own NFT project titled FULLSEND METACARD – and here are the details you’ll need to know.


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The group’s first-ever official NFT Fullsend Metacard dropped for pre-sale yesterday, with 10,000 Metacards minted initially. Public access opened around noon and each NFT was available for mint at .75 ETH, which is around $2,300. Within ten minutes of the launch, the Metacards sold out – which means the group brought in around $23 million.

BroBible explains, “The concept behind the Full Send Metacard NFT is it will be used as a membership that grants exclusive access to all of Nelk’s future business plans and fan experiences. In talks on Twitter and in Discord, ideas like creating Full Send clubs and lounges and invite-only parties have been mentioned as potential perks Metacard owners will gain access to.

One of Nelk’s main founders, Kyle Forgeard, mentioned on Discord they would be getting Dana White a card. Nelk has a friendship with Dana White, and so it’s possible they use the Metacard as some sort of tie-in to experiences revolving around the UFC.”

Those interested in buying a Metacard can still purchase them on OpenSea‘s secondary market. They’re currently trading for .88 ETH but like any NFT, that could rapidly change. 

The Nelk Boys Are a Social Media Sensation


If you don’t already recognize the name Nelk, you’re missing out on some of the internet’s best content. Last year, CELEB took a look at the group behind the meteoric rise; “The Nelk Boys channel – sometimes referred to just as NELK – is known for pranks, pranks, and more pranks. Always hilarious, sometimes edgy, frequently irreverent, the Nelk channel embodies the carefree and fun-centered content of YouTube days of yore. Reminiscent of some other big name YouTubers like the Paul brothers, the Nelk Boys usually manage to be troublesome yet not offensive. And one thing you can say about Nelk that they have big hearts and care deeply about their fans and viewers. Even when they’re pulling pranks, they care about the people they’re pranking.

Members (current and recurring) include Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, Lucas Gasparini, Salim Sirur, and ‘Jimmy Gambles’. The channel sprang from the depths of Forgeard’s creative mind in 2010. Then called NelkFilmz, Forgeard brought it into being with the help of Niko and Marko Martinovic, and Lucas Gasparini.

The content creators for the channel have seized popularity to continue to grow the channel and make bigger, wilder, more gasp-worthy pranks.

The Canadian boys have segued their brand into Full Send and successfully sell merchandise and run a wildly popular Instagram page. Full Send’s president is none other than John Shahidi, co-owner with his brother Sam of Shots Studios, one of YouTube’s most successful branding and talent companies. Full Send launches capsule lines of merchandise from time to time and their rabid, mostly college-aged fans show up and buy it out in short order.”

Happy Dad Seltzer Shaped Summer of ’21


Last year when the Nelk Boys launched Happy Dad Seltzer, only their fans had an inkling of just how popular it would be. The rest of the world was taken by storm as the wildly popular, bubbly hard seltzer flew off shelves and became synonymous with trips to the beach and camping with friends. 

At the time of the launch, CELEB‘s Nik Richie took a trip to BevMo to score some Happy Dad, and was able to buy 4 cases with a 2 case minimum in place. Kat from BevMo shared, “We are getting about 500 calls a day about this.” Richie even made a playful video on Instagram in support of the launch. It’s clear the NELK Boys have won the hearts of seltzer drinkers everywhere.

If their success with Happy Dad Seltzer is a sign of what we can expect with the Metacard, the sky is the limit. Nelk Boys’ Gary Vee recently took time on the Full Send Podcast to explain why NFTs are the future. Nelk Boys have a keen eye for what people want, and since they’re saying NFTs are the future – we believe it. Congrats to the Nelk Boys for their immense success with the first ever Nelk NFT! We can’t wait to see what they might come up with next.