The New Adventure: Welcome to CELEB, Welcome to 2020

As I sit here in quarantine, I am alone with my thoughts. My mind is humble now, but it still

As I sit here in quarantine, I am alone with my thoughts. My mind is humble now, but it still understands stupidity. Everything I read is garbage. There is no passion, no flavor, and definitely no redemption. It’s the blame game 24-7 as the world sacrifices itself, so some irrelevant person can say, “I told you so.”

In all honesty, I am no better than you in my lust for distraction. We are all buying time for a future generation- which honestly doesn’t give a shit about us. All the youth care about is instant gratification, not human interaction. As I said, I am no better than you; however, to them- you are no better than a bot.

It’s time to come home. Not to a structure, but the Internet. The home that made me see the ultimate evil in people and myself. I had to learn to adapt to everyone’s judgment and balance my own. You have to understand this new adventure is not for the vanity I once so desperately courted. My eternal goal is to witness and establish a team that has a hand in humanity’s positive cultural shift, no matter how long it takes—my own Ocean’s 11, a squad that will win or dies trying.

Sometimes we look at people, and we know they are special. We know they can create change. I am not special, and I cannot personally create what our world needs. I have no voice. My talent is finding the target and magnifying their deviance to shift and shake a community. I have perfected it.

My goal is to ultimately give a voice to the voiceless.

My hope with CELEB is to build a brand based on awareness. It’s time to wake up and do the work. I come to you asking for your forgiveness, but more importantly, asking for your help. Join me today for a better tomorrow.

Nik Richie


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