6 New Cocktails You Should Have On Your Bill When Visiting TAO Las Vegas

When stepping into TAO Asian Bistro in Las Vegas guests are transported into a pan-Asian experience with incredible design and

Tao Las Vegas Cocktails

When stepping into TAO Asian Bistro in Las Vegas guests are transported into a pan-Asian experience with incredible design and alluring ambiance. The 400-seat restaurant sits guests between two levels and beneath the watchful eyes of their 20-foot Buddha statue. Their culinary art elevates the experience alongside their craft for creating a delicious cocktail.

The cocktail menu at TAO has recently been refreshed with six new creations in a glass. Each has its own complexities but all are hand-crafted. Get ready to book a flight because you’ll want these drinks on your bill ASAP.


TAO Group Hospitality is known across the globe for its best-in-class cuisine, award-winning nightlight, and world-renowned day life. The global leader in innovation and creativity acquired the well-respected Hakkasan Group in 2021, making them the world’s largest entertainment brand with 60 entertainment dining and nightlife venues in over 20 markets across five continents. TAO Group works to be above the standard that they set for themselves and hospitality services everywhere. Guests come first when setting a new bar for entertainment that can’t be imagined but only experienced. Through partnerships and their owned operations, TAO Group continues to reinvent the future of hospitality.

The restaurant’s beach club recently finished a $50 million renovation guaranteed to give their guests the experience of a lifetime. “We made access dramatically better with this major investment. It was a herculean effort to build this escalator through the roof of the Venetian from Tao restaurant and nightclub to take you up here, said Jason Strauss, TAO Group co-CEO.

Located on the rooftop of the Venetian, TAO Beach Club first opened in 2007. The original layout was 18,000 square feet and could hold a capacity of 1,586. Staying closed slightly longer than the pandemic called for, the day club was renovated to be almost three times the size, now filling up to 3,000 people. Last February, Strauss, hyped up the new look saying, “People will be completely mystified and have no correlation to what was before and what is now.”

Cocktails You Won’t Want To Miss

TAO Asian Bistro Cocktail
  • Cucumber Crush $22 – beefeater gin, Cointreau, Mexican lime & agave, cucumber ice
    • The combination of botanicals, fresh lime, and agave is poured over TAO’s house-made cucumber ice cubes. As the ice melts, the cubes infuse the cocktail with a refreshing cucumber essence. It is an evolving beverage where the first sip will taste different from the last.
TAO Asian Bistro Cocktail
  • Casa de Clase $65 Serves One | $130 Serves Two- Clase Azul Reposado tequila, mango, lime, habanero, angostura
    • This cocktail is part art, part libation. It is an elevated take on the classic margarita utilizing the premium spirit, Clase Azul Reposado tequila. Served in its repurposed bottle, the cocktail includes aromatic bitters, fresh lime, and house-infused habanero-mango nectar. It is bright and citrusy with a hint of spice.
TAO Asian Bistro Cocktail
  • Okinawa Old Fashioned $21– Suntory Toki Japanese whisky, Okinawa black sugar, shiso bitters, shiso leaf
    • With Japanese whisky as the base, this original take on the classic Old Fashioned incorporates rich Okinawan black sugar, with notes of toffee and caramel, and is brightened with a delicate touch of shiso bitters and a garnish of shiso leaf.
TAO Asian Bistro Cocktail
  • Momo Sour $21- Volcaìn de Mi Tierra Blanco tequila, peach, lime, gochujang nectar
    • In this cocktail, momo, the Japanese word for peach, and a Korean chili paste, called gochujang, come together to create the perfect sweet and savory dyad.  Made with tequila and fresh lime, this libation has a subtle, fruity sweetness contrasted with a mild, savory heat. It is accentuated with a garnish of a banana leaf, lime, and two types of togarashi- shichimi and into.  
TAO Asian Bistro Cocktail
  • Ichigo Gin & Tonic
TAO Asian Bistro Cocktail