Buy A Joyful Experience [Rather Than Material To Bring You Joy] At Manhattan’s Midnight Theatre

Now more than ever, people are putting their money into an experience rather than a tangible item. In fact, "61

Buy A Joyful Experience [Rather Than Material To Bring You Joy] At Manhattan's Midnight Theatre

Now more than ever, people are putting their money into an experience rather than a tangible item. In fact, "61 percent globally say that they prioritize experiences over material possessions and 87 percent are seeking experiences that give them joy," according to a recent study, Mastering The Art of Experiences. Coming out of the pandemic, we want memories and more importantly, positive ones. Creative Director Warren Adock conceptualized a space that will bring guests joy and moments to hold on to. Midnight Theatre is the highly anticipated intimate venue coming to midtown Manhatten offering magic, music, comedy, and more.

“One-of-a-Kind Storytelling”

This ever-evolving, 160-seat theater will officially open on September 21, 2022. The multisensory experience will heighten everything from your taste to your scent, sound, touch, and sight.

The venue already has a restaurant inside that's been open since July. Hidden Leaf, from Josh Cohen (Chez Ma Tante, Lilia, Saint Vitus) featuring an incredible menu of dim sum, noodles, and wok dishes from Chef Chai Trivedi (Pranna, Tamarind, Buddakan, Eventi Hotel), is a pan-Asian culinary destination to escape from the everyday.

And, if you're looking to get groovy, Midnight Theatre's street-level apertivo bar, Midnight Cafe, offers a fun and seratonin-boosting experience soundtracked to a 70's Italian disco. Delicious cocktails are also on the menu created by internationally renowned bartender Iain Griffiths.

Addock shared a comment, “With the theater opening, this completes the dream of creating the ideal New York night out all under one roof. There’s been such a positive response to the opening of Hidden Leaf, and it’s been rewarding to see guests come enjoy the dining and cocktails that we have to offer. We are beyond excited to extend their experience inside the walls of the tech-enhanced Midnight Theatre with intimate, one-of-a-kind storytelling across magic, music, comedy and much more.”

Featured in the theater is a permanently installed 270-degree immersive projection system to digitally change the decor of the room. Having an array of built-in animated digital scenery and real-time animated environments that react to music, this innovative addition will take you wherever a performance narrative needs.

Midnight theatre is multi-modal which means the space can be arranged for cabaret, comedy, music, magic, podcast tapings, ensembles, and more. It has versatile audio-visual systems and customizable acoustics and also has the capability to fully broadcast, and live-streaming performances.

Partnering Up To Create Magic

“After over 20 years of creating film, TV and digital content, I’m thrilled for Dolphin to make its first foray into a brick-and-mortar, live entertainment venue with the debut of our major investment, Midnight Theatre. We couldn’t have a more creative and hardworking partner than Warren Adcock, who along with partner Josh Cohen has driven the vision and will steer the innovation of this magnificent space, bringing premium and discoverable talent to our state-of-the-art theater. And with Mastercard as our powerful partner, helping us create even more unforgettable experiences, we truly believe that NYC will be more exciting, more glamorous, and more delicious with the addition of Midnight Theatre to its landscape," shared Bill O'Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Entertainment.

Dolphin manages everything from publicity to marketing for the venue. They are also responsible for facilitating the talent and commercial relationships within the entertainment and culinary industries.

Mastcard is the other set of hands behind this experience.

"As a brand that connects with people through their senses and passions, it’s a natural next step for us to join forces with an immersive venue like Midnight Theatre to bring our multisensory vision to life. We're excited to strengthen our authentic connections with theater, music and culinary fans in New York and those visiting one of the most dynamic cities in the world," said Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

They will also be offering perks to their cardholders such as early ticket access to Midnight Theatre's always-on programming.