New York City Eyes Promising Spring as City Begins to Reopen

New York City may be the city that never sleeps, but it’s existed in a state of near-slumber for an

New York City reopening

New York City may be the city that never sleeps, but it’s existed in a state of near-slumber for an entire year. After being one of the world’s hottest epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has faced a crisis as the industries that survive on tourism and nightlife have suffered. With people traveling less often due to lockdowns and restrictions, and Broadway closed, the city has been hurting. But with spring comes new hope; New York City is slowly reopening, and with that comes all the glory that is the Big Apple. As downtown luxury hotels draw their doors once more and Broadway begins to eye a curtain date, the city of big dreams is dreaming big.

Broadway: When Will it Reopen?

New York City reopening

If your heart is on Broadway, 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been torturous. While 2020 gave us a boon in the form of an at-home release for Hamilton, most of the theater world has been shuttered in order to keep visitors and performers safe from the pandemic. But there is hope on the horizon; Broadway is tentatively discussing a reopening date, and you can hear the joyful songs being sung randomly in grocery stories and on small town street corners from here—that is, if you’re a theater nerd, anyway. 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been discussing a goal of June 1 by which to have the entire city back in business. If that goes forward as planned, likely pending a steady continuance of vaccination rates, Broadway says they have plans to debut by September. 

Broadway World shares, “‘I’d say you should expect Broadway full strength in September,’ he said on Morning Joe. ‘But I’d love to see some of the smaller shows up in July and August.’

Now the Broadway League has confirmed hope in his plan, issuing the following statement:

‘The Broadway League has been working closely with State and City officials on plans for safely restarting the Broadway industry, welcoming audiences, and bringing our workforce back. Today’s remarks by the mayor give us further optimism that Broadway productions can resume this fall, beginning in September, and we look forward to providing more details about reopening in the coming weeks.’”

Luxury Hotels Slowly Welcoming Guests Again

And if you’re an out-of-towner ready to return to your Broadway roots, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. The excellent news is that many of New York City’s luxury hotels have already reopened, and many others have released dates for when they plan to. Here are some of the biggest news re-openings in the Big Apple, so you can rest your weary head in the city’s nicest digs when you plan your triumphant return to NYC:

  • The Westin New York at Times Square: the historic, stunning hotel at the heart of the city is back. On Thursday April 29, the Westin opened its doors again for the first time since shutting down for the pandemic last year, reviving hope that the city’s tourism will come roaring back. In a press release, “General Manager Michael Wlodkowski said, ‘Our re-opening is a sign of hope in the middle of Manhattan as our lights are shining once again. We look forward to welcoming business travelers and tourists back to our great city.’” 
  • The Ritz-Carlton New York at Central Park: another mid-city gem with an iconic name is reopening soon, but the exact date is TBD. Hotel owners are signaling that the doors will reopen sometime in June, but questions remain as to how much of the amenities will reopen at the same time. There is no word yet on whether the La Prairie Spa will reopen when the hotel does. 
  • The Peninsula New York: this beloved Fifth Avenue address will reopen its doors June 1. And for the reopening, 20 specially selected pieces of art will adorn public spaces in the hotel, from photographs to textiles. Peninsula will be continuing its well-loved 24-hour-a-day check-in-and-out services. 
  • Park Hyatt New York: Strictly speaking, this hotel isn’t on the list of soon-to-reopen hotels. That’s because it already has reopened on April 1, welcome news to its fiercely loyal return guests. This stunning West 57th Street tower provides some of the best views in the cities. Don’t expect full amenity service right away though, the spa and restaurant are not back yet but hopefully will be soon. 
  • The St. Regis New York: this historic downtown hotel will return sometime in June. Although the exact date is still in question, and it’s unknown what exactly will reopen with the hotel, it’s exciting to know that the date is right around the corner.
  • The Plaza Hotel: we saved the best for last because this hotel is next on the list to reopen, and that deserves its own special mention. The Plaza is set to reopen May 20, and the NYC landmark is a sign that the city is coming back to life. The hotel’s staff has worked tirelessly to keep the gleaming downtown icon looking opening-day ready, and the day guests return to its perfectly appointed rooms will be a day to celebrate for locals and visitors alike.

New York City reopening

Sleep No More is Back

New York City reopening

If you’re looking to combine the thrill of the Broadway experience and a luxury hotel, there’s always Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel. While you can’t stay the night at the historic city landmark, you can experience the show of a lifetime. The McKittrick Hotel’s Sleep No More theatrical performance promises a night like no other. It is an award-winning experience that tells Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy through a film noir lens.

Whether you’re one of the McKittrick’s loyal visitors or a newcomer, every visit to the experience destination is sure to thrill and delight. If you’ve been waiting for news on Sleep No More, we now know when the performances will start up—the first available date to book on the website is August 1. 

Time to Get Back to the Big Apple

New York City reopening

New York City is unique in the world, in many ways. Both locals and out-of-town visitors alike embrace the city’s vibrancy, and the way it feels like anything is possible on those sparkling city streets. With 2020 taking hope from so many, the reopening of NYC is more than just hope for hurting industries: It’s hope for a hurting country. It’s hard to picture life returning to normal and embrace hope when one of our most brilliantly gleaming jewels is still dim and slumbering. But with broad reopenings on the horizon and the promise of a hopeful spring, NYC is bringing life and light with every open door.