NFL Celebrity Fans – The A-List Stars Whose Devotion Runs Deep With Their Team

Celebs – they are just like us. If the “us” we are referring to are NFL fans of the highest

NFL Celebrity Fans - The A-List Stars Whose Devotion Runs Deep and With Who

Celebs – they are just like us. If the “us” we are referring to are NFL fans of the highest order. Just like each franchise has a QB leading the team to victory, there is a Hollywood A-lister ready run alongside them.

Some National Football League teams are fortunate enough to have more than one celeb on the sidelines pledging their allegiance. And now that Los Angeles, home of Hollywood, has two NFL teams, there is no shortage of celebrities at any given game. Last night's season opener at SoFi Stadium between the Bills and the Rams saw both The Rock, Alice Cooper and Minnesota Timberwolves Karl-Anthony Towns in attendance.

But when it goes to undying loyalty, there are some stars who will live and die with their team. We are talking about the a-listers that go well past the once-a-year pop-in at the Super Bowl. Nope, these celebs go hard and go loud all year long for their team. Here is a look at a few famous faces that are fanatical for their football team.

Ice Cube – Las Vegas Raiders

It doesn't matter where the Raiders are located, rapper Ice Cube is gonna be loud and proud about his devotion to the Raiders. First the team was anchored in Oakland, then to Los Angeles, then back to Oakland before landing in Las Vegas. You can’t question the loyalty of a fan when they support a team through three cities/moves.

Cube has been proudly wearing the silver and back for decades, and let’s be honest, he makes it look good. When not wearing a Raider hat, the team is never far from his heart. Ice Cube produced a documentary on the team Straight Outta L.A., for ESPN’s 30 for 30. The rapper has even earned the title of President of Raider Nation from those inside the organization. Now that is devotion.

“I had loved them from winning the 80’s Super Bowl against the Eagles. And I just stayed on them,” Ice Cube said in an interview for a behind the scenes look at Talk of the Nation. “The only team in Los Angeles to win a Super Bowl is the Raiders in ‘83. Since then, I’ve been with the Raiders.”

Considering that he is also founded basketball’s Big 3 League, his love of the Raiders is hardcore.

Mark Wahlberg – New England Patriots (For Now?)

Could Mark Wahlberg be making a play for Cube's Raider team? Maybe. The A-list actor and one time rapper himself has recently taken up residence in Las Vegas so it’s not a total stretch, but it's doubtful. Here’s why. His devotion runs decades deep and it continues through to this year.

In recent interviews, Wahlberg has teased a Hollywood project on two marquee figures in recent Patriots past – a biopic on either Tom Brady or coach Bill Belichick.

While promoting one of his recent movies Father Stu, Wahlberg discussed both options. "I could play his [Brady’s] uncle,” Wahlberg told Variety. But adds, "I would love to play Bill Belichick."

With six Super Bowl titles, almost three dozen playoff wins and almost 300 regular season wins, we are somewhat shocked a Belichick bio hasn’t happened already – Hollywood does love a good sports story.

That aside, Wahlberg has been on the sidelines of a Pats game so many times he could be considered a player on the roster. No, we think his fandom is here to stay.

"I would love to play Bill Belichick."

Paul Rudd – Kansas City Chiefs

Actor Paul Rudd, like Wahlberg, is keeping his fandom close to his roots. Rudd, who was born in Jersey, moved to Kansas City as a young boy and stayed there while attending the University of Kansas.

When not promoting a movie, Rudd can be seen several times a year at Arrowhead cheering on the Chiefs. Back in 2020 when the Chiefs took home the Vince Lombardi, Rudd was there on the sidelines with his son.

Yeah, Rudd is totes magoats a Chiefs fan.

Like Cube, Rudd also took his admiration of the team to a documentary style project. He narrated the 2007 “Hard Knocks” season on HBO that chronicled the Chiefs that year.

Kevin Hart – Philadelphia Eagles

Kevin Hart is no doubt seriously funny. But, he is also a serious Philadelphia Eagle fan.

We all saw the viral video of Hart celebrating the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win live on air in 2018. “Fly Eagles, Fly,” Hart says while crashing the live GameDay Prime aftershow. This was after he tried to sneak on stage during the Super Bowl LII trophy presentation.

Hart's love for the Eagles soars above other celeb fans like Snoop Dogg, Bradley Cooper and the late Kobe Bryant. Yep, his heart is without a doubt flying high with the Eagles. The comedian even pausing a live promo to boo his team's opponents, the New Orleans Saints as they took to the field.

Adam Sandler – New York Jets

Fellow comedian Adam Sandler also has a high-flying admiration for his team, the New York Jets. Not only is the former SNL alum seen at many home games, he inserts his love of the team into his Hollywood projects.

In the movie Mr. Deeds, Sandler's character buys the Jets as part of the storyline. And in Little Nicky the devil is a fan of the franchise and goes so far as to buy the soul of the team's rival, former Miami QB Dan Marino, in exchange for a Super Bowl ring.

The love is mutual too. Eagle players posted a special video to Sandler for his birthday that dropped today (September 9).

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!