Want an NFT of Antonio Brown’s Meltdown? It Could Cost You $1.5M

By now, almost everyone knows about the on-field meltdown of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown. Rumors are circulating about

Antonio Brown

By now, almost everyone knows about the on-field meltdown of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown. Rumors are circulating about exactly what precipitated the meltdown and who knew what when, but the facts of the moment aren’t in dispute. That’s because it was captured on camera: one angle of which was a perfect clear shot of the moment captured on a fan’s cell phone camera. Las Vegas entrepreneur Evan Savar is now auctioning that video off as an NFT – and it could cost the big bucks. 

A Meltdown For a Steal – Just $1.5M

On Sunday, January 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneer shocked fans the world over when he stripped off his gear on field and stormed off the field. That now-viral moment has circulated everywhere, and the moment itself led to Brown being released from the Bucs. Brown’s on-field meltdown has renewed the discussion around NFL pro players and the possibility of personality-changing CTE, which can lead to personality changes and reckless behavior.

But whatever caused Brown to leave – he claims it was due to a broken ankle that the coaches knew about and ignored, which they deny – the moment is now iconic. One fan captured it on a clear, relatively close cell phone camera – which Las Vegas entrepreneur Evan Savar then purchased the original rights to.

Savar is turning around and auctioning off the NFT of that video now, and since comparable videos have sold in recent years, we can take a guess at what it might fetch. Hold onto your wallets, because this several-second NFT could sell for $1.5 million or more. In a statement, Savar explains his motive; “Antonio Brown actually made me lose my fantasy football league. I was trying to figure out why he wasn’t getting any points on the board for me when I saw the sideline meltdown clip on Twitter. I thought it was such a unique moment in history and me being the tech guy that I am, I immediately knew I had to do whatever it took to get the rights to turn this iconic moment into an NFT.”

Whoever purchases the NFT will be able to monetize it in the looming Metaverse world – signaling what may be the future of NFTs in general. The auction is running through Viral Heir January 13 through January 16. Although Brown is not affiliated with the auction directly, he did share a post on Instagram about the sale. 

The World of NFTs


Although the world of NFTs is still new enough that there aren’t a ton of celebrity meltdown NFTs – yet – there are enough comparable viral moments out there that we can parse out what Savar’s clip may be worth. Here are some of the most fascinating viral moments and the amount they sold for as NFTs:

  • Bad Luck Brian: You remember that meme of a dorky looking kid in a sweater vest an braces smiling for a school picture? It sold for around $36K.
  • Disaster Girl: That sweet little short-haired girl looking over her shoulder and smirking against the backdrop of a burning building – it fetched $500K.
  • Doge: Everyone knows that silly face of a Shiba Inu dog that has become the face of Dogecoin and all the Doge world jokes and memes. The original photo which inspired the cartoon grinning pup sold for a breathtaking $4 million. 
  • Charlie Bit My Finger: Internet users of a certain age will read that phrase and instantly hear a little British boy wail in the aftermath of his brother chomping down on his finger. This video moment sold for $760,999.
  • Nyan Cat: You’ve probably seen it but may not remember it because it’s so silly. A little cartoon cat wrapped in bread flying through space with a rainbow trail, known as Nyan Cat. You probably didn’t know that Pop Tart cat sold for $590,000. 

There are others, such as Scumbag Steve, Overly Attached Girlfriend and other viral moments that have become a part of our society’s hieroglyph-like communication, but it’s all just getting started. Now that the Metaverse is on the horizon, we will see more of these moments monetized and turned into digital currency.

Public Celebrity Meltdowns


The good news for Antonio Brown is that while his meltdown has certainly made headlines, he’s not alone. We’re taking a look back at some major public celebrity meltdowns so Brown won’t feel alone: 

  • Britney Spears: We can’t talk about celebrity meltdowns without talking about the one that precipitated Spears’ conservatorship. The young pop star famously shaved her head and lost her composure in public in a long string of concerning behaviors – a reaction to the fame and pressure she was being crushed under since her days as a kid star on the Mickey Mouse Club House. Spears’ breakdown caused a judge to establish a conservatorship over her care which she spent 13 years languishing under before public outcry saw her freed in 2021.
  • Nicholas Cage: Often cast as a level-headed family man, Cage was arrested in 2011 for public drunkenness and domestic abuse as well as disturbing the peace.
  • Teresa Giudice: The Real Housewives of New Jersey star had it all captured on film during the finale of season 1. At one point she screams, “prostitution whore!” and upends furniture.
  • Chris Brown: It’s ironic that this moment came from another person with the last name of Brown because it also involved tearing off of a shirt and storming off – this time, off stage. In an interview with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts in 2011, Brown was asked about the assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown didn’t like being questioned and grew agitated on stage before proving he’s obviously not a volatile and dangerous person by – acting like a volatile and dangerous person.
  • Kanye West: His name is properly Ye now, but his public behavior isn’t much different from the West we know and love – or hate to love, or love to hate? West is known for bizarre public behavior, crying on stage as well as a behind-stage meltdown cursing out Taylor Swift

If Brown is upset about leaving his pro ball career behind, at least he’s in good company.

On the plus side, Brown has been seen out and about with none other than the last person on our list – Ye. is it possible that he’s going to segue into a rapping career? We’ll see. But first, let’s see what that viral moment sells for – $1.5 is just a guess.