Babies and More Babies: Do Nick Cannon and Elon Musk Prove That There are Different Rules for the Rich than the Rest of Us?

How many kids is too many? Is there such a number? Nick Cannon and Elon Musk seem determined to test

Do Nick Cannon and Elon Musk Prove That There are Different Rules for the Rich than the Rest of Us?

How many kids is too many? Is there such a number? Nick Cannon and Elon Musk seem determined to test that limit as they both continue to pop out babies at a truly extraordinary rate.

News broke this week that Nick Cannon was expecting another baby – with another woman – just months after welcoming the last. How much is enough – the sky seems to be the limit when you're a rich guy with a big book of names for booty calls.

Nick Cannon Expecting Another Baby

They were neck-and-neck, both Cannon and Musk had 8 children. But Cannon will not be outdone – he's expecting number 9.

The Cut reports, "It has been less than a month since we’ve heard news of Nick Cannon’s sperm, which means it’s high time for an update. And boy, has he delivered. Astoundingly, Cannon announced via Instagram that he is expecting yet another child — his third with model Brittany Bell.

Cannon posted what appear to be outtakes from a pregnancy shoot with Bell, writing in the caption, 'Time Stopped and This Happened…'”

If you're keeping track, that man has sired 6 babies in the past two years. When he finds time for anything but the horizontal mambo is anyone's guess, yet here we are.

Cannon has reportedly bandied around the thought of celibacy and a vasectomy in the past, but we'll believe it when we see it. Or rather, when we no longer see baby Cannons being brought into the world.

Elon Musk Populating Two Planets Single-Handedly

Of course, he's not the only rich playboy out there creating his own basketball team. Elon Musk has been doing his own fair share of repopulating the planet, addressing what he considers to be an underpopulation crisis.

And then there's Mars – baby Musks may be some of the first to put their little booted toes on the red planet, but we wouldn't place our bets there since the billionaire tech mogul has already suggested that those who pioneer a Mars colony will probably die horribly. He's a real optimist.

Musk is now up to 8 children, falling behind Cannon's prodigious rate, and isn't particularly involved with the little ones – but he does say he enjoys and misses them when he's gone. Musk has also been disowned by his oldest child, which begs the question – is Musk making up for what he feels he's failed on in the past? Probably not, because that would require a level of self-awareness Musk doesn't have time to pay someone to engage in. Cannon for his part, does also seem to enjoy his children.

It's worth mentioning that few people would call making babies a hobby, yet both men have been subjected to significant accusations of exactly that. Which really draws attention to how differently reproductive choices are viewed for those who are wealthy versus those who are not.

Two Sets of Rules: One for the Rich, One for the Rest of Us

Visit any platform on the internet, and you'll find a few different reactions to the news that Cannon is having another baby and Musk continues to sire a football team on his own.

Some of the commentary is racist, some is downright bizarre – but some points out the fact that if they were anyone but who they are, having multiple kids with multiple women would be looked down on.

After all, we've all heard it before; "He's got 5 kids with 4 baby moms and isn't there for any of them – he's a dog." But no one's calling Nick Cannon or Elon Musk a dog. Why is that? Some say it's because they "can afford" their children so it's a moot point.

But it really comes down to the fact that there are different rules in life for the wealthy than there are for the rest of us. Wealthy people can indulge in whatever excesses they wish, because they have the money. What people aren't saying out loud is the flip side of that argument; that poor people don't deserve to enjoy life because they don't have money. It's a gross oversimplification of reality, but one that's being paraded on full display as news travels about Cannon's continued family growth.