Nick Cannon Hints At Taylor Swift Being Lucky 13

Nick Cannon hinted at who he would consider as a future baby mamma. And if it isn’t obvious by the

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon hinted at who he would consider as a future baby mamma. And if it isn’t obvious by the title, yes, he said Taylor Swift. The Wildn’ Out host sat down with Howard Stern on Monday and when the topic of children came up, Cannon got increasingly gitty over the idea of Swift giving him baby number 13.

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It’s no secret that Cannon enjoys making babies. He’s said himself that he’s just doing what God expects of him. Shockingly, however, when chatting with Stern he was slightly unsure about adding to his little baby clan. But, once Swift came up his energy shifted.

Referring to the hypothetical Cannon said to Stern, “That’s the one. I’m all in!”

He elaborated, “First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter,” Nick said, adding, “What I do love about Taylor Swift is that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music.”

Cannon believes that the two can relate over their “very similar” dating histories, having both been with people in the public eye time and time again. He ended the topic of the conversation saying that it “would be amazing.”

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Lucky for Cannon, Swift recently became single. Unlucky for him, she’s currently touring the world being a superwoman on stage singing about the men who have swept her off her feet.

Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their relationship after six years together. ET broke the news that the famed singer and British Actor broke up a few weeks ago which explains why he hasn’t been seen fangirling at any of her Eras tour shows.

The “Lavender Haze” singer dated Alywn for the full six years before the public had any idea about their relationship. In her new album, Midnights, Swift became more open about her long-term relationship, with the first song on the track being about Alwyn specifically.

Fans (and everyone else) had an inkling about the break-up between Swift and Alwyn when the singer changed up her setlist for her Eras tour. Originally, Swift was performing “Invisible String,” a love song from her album Folklore. However, for her show in Arlington, Texas, Swift swapped out the heart-hugging track about her and Alwyn for a break-up song also from Folklore, titled “The 1.”

ET revealed that their split “was not dramatic” and that “the relationship has just run its course,” according to the source. Swift and Alwyn have yet to comment about the breakup themselves however, with their efforts to stay private while together, it’s safe to assume that they probably will stay private about this as well

Does this mean Cannon might have a shot? Probably not but we can let him dream for now.