Nicki Minaj Shouts Out Barbz and Offers Hugs for Mother’s Day

Nicki Minaj took time out of Mother’s Day to turn her love back towards fans. She wrote a heartfelt message

Nicki Minaj Mother's Day

Nicki Minaj took time out of Mother’s Day to turn her love back towards fans.

She wrote a heartfelt message to her fans, the “barbz,” and offered them all a sweet virtual hug.

And the love resonated with her fans – who have stood by her through drama, career highs and lows, and more.


Nicki Minaj Offers Virtual Hug to Fans on Mother’s Day

Minaj took to Twitter on Mother’s Day to give love to her fans.

The rapper wrote, “Proud to be muva to the barbz. They’ve been one of the biggest driving forces in my life since like 2007…if you don’t have a mom today, I hope you feel this warm virtual hug I’m giving you right now.”

She then added, “I’ll never take you for granted or stop thanking you for loving me.”

And the sweet moment was not lost on fans.

One fan replied, “I love you sm queen. You’ve def been a BIG help to millions of us thru your words, lyrics, your daily engagements & being YOU. I’ll forever be grateful for your love & compassion. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Another shared a gif of an emotional Kris Jenner hugging daughter Kim Kardashian, captioning the gif, “you’re mother to us all!! you and your music raised us.”

And yet another fan wrote an emotional dedication to Minaj. They appeared to share an old image of themself with their mother as a child, writing to Minaj, “my mom passed when I was 10, 13 years ago. since then, every single year has been a struggle, but I gotta keep moving on.

thank you for this. thank you for being much more than just a rapper, more than just an idol. you’re my family as well, and I love you! 💖 #ProudToBeABarb.”

One thing that Minaj will never lack for is love from her fans.

Her so-called army, the barbz, have always had her back – and they always will. And it’s clear from reactions to her Mother’s Day post that moments like this are why she’s so beloved.

Because Minaj may be beautiful, and she may be skilled – but she’s also grateful to her fans and feels a weight of responsibility to provide them with the kind of love she receives in turn.

Minaj’s sweet message is just one more reason for fans to stay by her side and keep following her on social media. After all, sometimes you just need a virtual hug – and barbz always know where to get one.