CELEB Launches App to Transform Digital Media Landscape

CELEB Magazine hit the ground running hard in 2020, but this week launched into the stratosphere, almost literally. CEO and

Nik Richie CELEB app

CELEB Magazine hit the ground running hard in 2020, but this week launched into the stratosphere, almost literally. CEO and founder Nik Richie blazed his fearless declaration across the skies of Miami, telling the world that he’s back; and CELEB is growing. Today, the CELEB app launched live in the Apple store, and users can download and help feel out the Beta version.

CELEB Rocketed to the Top

Launched in 2020, CELEB Magazine has quickly become the top news source for breaking celebrity news and sports, social, travel and lifestyle features. Reaching more than 200K readers per day, CELEB Magazine’s content-rich platform is powered by a team of award-winning writers and editors dedicated to reporting fresh, exclusive and inventive stories on a range of topics.

COO Nima Askari shared his thoughts on the app and the next stage of CELEB‘s future; “It’s always amazing when you can, for a moment, sit back and see how far you have come with your team. It’s amazing to recognize and enjoy the milestones you’ve reached as a brand.  There is so much more to accomplish. Our CTO Blake Smith has been working on this app project for months. As the Beta version of the app is released, it’s one step closer to building the CELEB ecosystem.”

The Sky’s the Limit; Or Not!

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To celebrate the launch of the app, Richie boldly declared across the skies of Miami Friday, “NIK RICHIE IS BACK! DOWNLOAD CELEB. HE IS RISEN” An aerial advertisement pulled behind a plane blazed a path above Miami’s preeminent hotel, the Fontainebleau, carrying its proud message and directions for fans to download the CELEB app.

Now that the app has officially joined the CELEB family, the site can more quickly reach its biggest fans; all of your favorite stories and news updates for the day are just a click away. The app will allow users to access the clean, modern, user-friendly signature style of CELEB and click through stories with the same ease the site offers. With the app, you can customize alerts and reach content from your favorite team of writers with a single click. With breathtaking visual art and concise, clear, user-centered writing styles, the CELEB app is sure to become your favorite way to get the day’s biggest news. CELEB brings you breaking news across all genres, celebrity insights, entertainment, travel, and hospitality news, along with industry-leading exclusives that offer a unique look into the lives and stories of some of the world’s biggest headline makers.

Join Us and Help Shape the Future of the CELEB App

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Now that CELEB‘s team has officially launched the Beta version of the app, they’re looking for readers to test it and send feedback. If you want to be a part of growing your favorite site and helping to propel CELEB forward, download the app on the Apple store and let us know what you think. Aksari added, “We want our fans to use the app and give us honest feedback on the use.”

Come join us in the next stage of CELEB‘s journey; we’re focused on bringing the best quality content to our users and fans as we forge a path forward.