Move Over J-Rod! Are Nikita Dragun and Her Secret Beau Miami’s New Power Couple??

With millions of followers across several platforms, Nikita Dragun is one of the internet’s greatest up-and-coming beauty vloggers. Dragun has

Nikita Dragun Prince Fred

With millions of followers across several platforms, Nikita Dragun is one of the internet’s greatest up-and-coming beauty vloggers. Dragun has been spotted around town with a new beau – none other than the infamous Prince Fred. And it has folks wondering – are Dragun and Prince Fred – whose real name is Fereidoun Khalilian – Miami’s new power couple now that JLo and Arod are history? 

Who is Superstar Influencer Nikita Dragun?

Nikita Dragun

Dragun, born in Belgium on January 31, 1996, was assigned male at birth and has been very open about her transition to female. A 2015 video candidly explained Dragun’s journey to realizing that she was transgender, and how at first she thought she was just gay. The 25-year-old influencer explains in the video that she always thought of herself as a woman, in her dreams and in her play, and gender wasn’t, ‘a big deal,’ growing up. In trying to provide an open platform about transition, Dragun vlogged her facial plastic surgery in 2016 to remove the last vestiges of male features from her face. Providing those looking for information on the surgery with valuable resources, Dragun’s candid sharing of her journey made her someone fellow transgender folks could turn to when looking to see how different parts of transition play out. Dragun’s YouTube channel also highlights her uncanny skills with a makeup brush and her collabs with big-name companies like Morphe prove that she’s more than just a pretty face – she’s a savvy and shrewd businesswoman. Dragun was accepted to NYU on a full scholarship, but declined the offer to spend time focusing on figuring out her life. 

Interview Magazine Shares, “Since completing her transition in 2018—a process she documented on YouTube—Dragun has become a firebrand on the L.A. party scene and on social media, where she regularly posts videos for her fans, whom she calls her ‘Draguns.’ In late 2018, she responded to comments by L Brands’ now-former chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, saying trans women shouldn’t be excluded from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show by tweeting a video of herself strutting through a glitzy set in full Angel getup. In 2019, she again caused a stir by showing up on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs with three leashed, shirtless men in tow—a stunt that was, of course, captured for her 8.5 million followers on Instagram. In both cases, Dragun says she ‘wanted to show that a trans person could sell the fantasy.’”

On Instagram, Dragun has nearly 10 million followers who click to see the influencer’s bangin’ bod in her signature and unique fashions. In 2019, Dragun launched her own makeup brand – Dragun Beauty. Dragun Beauty is not only vegan and cruelty free, it’s aimed at providing trans customers an inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly product to meet their unique needs. 

Who is Nikita Dating?

Prince Fred NIkita Dragun

Although Dragun is open about her life in almost every aspect, her newest dating venture has been kept quiet. Dragun has teamed up professionally with the boys from the Hype House, the Lopez Brothers, James Charles, and a long list of super successful influencers, but now it seems as though her attention has turned to someone famous for other reasons – or maybe it’s better to call him infamous. Khalilian is one of Miami’s most notorious businessmen. Immensely successful but with a history of questionable ventures, Khalilian signs all of his emails as, “Prince Fred.” 

This week CELEB received an exclusive tip that Dragun and Prince Fred were cozying up at a Miami venue – and things looked pretty serious. Our source from that night says of the couple, “This definitely wasn’t a one night stand. Prince Fred doesn’t play around like that. Nikita is his Queen now and they are the perfect couple. Miami needs them to stay strong, especially with the J-Rod drama and Larsa Pippen playing Mr. Mom to half of the college dropouts in South Beach. It’s been a rough year for the Dade, but Prince Fred and Nikita is truly a breath of fresh air.”

What’s ahead for Prince Fred and his Queen Nikita?

Every day, as transgender folks and LGBTQ community members strive for equality in the workplace and other arenas, Khalilian and Dragun’s public relationship could be a rallying point. Some businessmen avoid wading into controversy because it can affect the bottom line. However, Khalilian’s relationship with Dragun may stir some controversy, but it can also help normalize the fact that trans women are women – and sometimes they date famous men. While this may seems like it should be obvious and commonplace, it’s still revolutionary. 

In a 2020 interview with Centennial Beauty, Dragun explained her outlook on life and surviving controversy; “Transformation is all about evolving and I’m always evolving and learning. If I survived high school, I can survive the internet. The one thing I can say is my intentions are always good.”

It’s hard to say where this storybook romance will go; the Miami bad boy and the woman who’s overcome much to get where she’s at. With any luck, they’ll become the power couple Miami needs for a long time to come.