Novak Djokovic Wins French Open, on the Verge of Making History

Novak Djokovic is undeniably one of the best tennis players of all time. The Serbian tennis star is certainly one

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is undeniably one of the best tennis players of all time. The Serbian tennis star is certainly one of the best currently alive. Adding to his impressive portfolio of victories, Djokovic has won yet another major tournament, the French Open. His currently victory places him within sight of a Grand Slam, which would be a history-making moment for the tennis superstar.  Part of what got Djokovic as far as he’s gotten is his devotion to his own health and a journey of wellness. Djokovic has credited wellness brand Cymbiotika for his health before, and the company is proud of their brand’s biggest star. 

Djokovic Wins the French Open

This year’s French Open came down to a fraught match between Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece. Although Djokovic is conventionally considered one of the best stars in the world, Tsitsipas held his own and the match was, ultimately, very close. An endurance sport, tennis often relies on a blend of fitness and self discipline to determine a winner. This week, it was Djokovic. After a stunning four hours of play. 

The New York Times reports, “The 6-7 (6), 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 victory lasted more than four hours and capped a stirring tournament for Djokovic, who beat Rafael Nadal, a 13-time French Open champion, in a thrilling semifinal Friday night.

‘I played a lot of tennis in the past 48 hours against two great champions,’ Djokovic said at the end.”

Tsitsipas is only 22, and is one of the sports’ rising stars. This year’s French Open was his first Grand Slam competition, and to make it so far only to barely lose to tennis’s greatest? It promises a bright future for the young star. And Tsitsipas didn’t give any indication at the time, but has since announced that he found out his grandmother had passed away merely 5 minutes before starting the match against Djokovic. But it wasn’t just Tsitsipas fighting an uphill battle during the match; Djokovic took a hard tumble onto the packed clay court and his game was off from that point on.

If these two can battle so fiercely when they’re both facing adversity, imagine the bout when they’re unencumbered; it’s going to be a glorious rematch someday. After four grueling hours, NYT reports, “Tsitsipas made one last stand, saving match point with a backhand winner to the corner. But on the final point, Djokovic worked his way to the net and put away the tournament with an overhead to an open court. It took him a bit to summon the energy to raise his hands in celebration.”

The most adorable moment of the day came when Djokovic passed his tournament-winning racket to a young fan in the audience, who looked utterly exhilarated at the honor. 

Is a Grand Slam Next?

Novak Djokovic

Speaking of a Grand Slam tournament, Djokovic is now halfway to earning the first Grand Slam crown in over 50 years. A Grand Slam is when a single person wins all four of the so-called Grand Slam tournaments, including the French Open, Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the US Open. This year’s French Open win for Djokovic marks his 19th Grand Slam tournament win, but thus far winning all four in a calendar year has eluded him. 

This year, however, Djokovic has his eyes on making history. The star has already won Wimbledon 5 times, and has three US Open wins under his belt – the final tournaments between Djokovic and history. 

Djokovic Uses Cymbiotika to Maximize Health and Wellness

Novak Djokovic

In order to endure the hot, demanding four-hour tournament against younger Tsitsipas, Djokovic had to be at the top of his game. Part of how he does that is by using products from wellness company Cymbiotika. In the past, Djokovic has even shared in an Instagram Live video how Cymbiotika makes the best wellness products in the world, and how they have contributed to his success. Proud of their star brand ambassador, Cymbiotika’s Shahab Elmi and Chervin Jafarieh shared thoughts on Djokovic’s win, “Novak’s performance over the last two weeks at Roland Garros was nothing short of spectacular. He showed the world what perseverance means. We all deal with real-world challenges everyday, it’s how we respond that defines us. The entire Cymbiotika family honors Novak for his hard work and discipline. Truly inspiring!”

As Djokovic told Tsitsipas on the field as they squared off, “These are the kind of matches you learn from the most.” And Djokovic will take those lessons and his dedication to wellness and peak health to the next stop: Wimbledon.