NYC’s Magic Hour Dons Silk to Become ‘The Pink Rose Garden’

There’s nothing quite like a rooftop view of New York City. Moxy Hotels offers one of the absolute best around,

NYC Magic Hour

There’s nothing quite like a rooftop view of New York City. Moxy Hotels offers one of the absolute best around, with their rooftop delight Magic Hour. The lounge is a favorite of locals and travelers alike, and boasts an uptown modern vibe, with thoughtful architecture and unique crafted cocktails. Now, the heavenward lounge is decked in silk flowers and a stunning pink floral motif; Magic Hour has transformed into the Insta-worthy Pink Rose Garden. 

Magic Hour’s Pink Rose Garden 

NYC Magic Hour

One of New York City’s favorite sky-level lounges has had a recent costume change. Like every local managed by Tao Group, Magic Hour is an escape from reality with every convenience at your fingertips. But now, it’s transformed into something extra-magical; the Pink Rose Garden. The top floor of Moxy Hotel in downtown NYC has donned luscious greenery and over 10k silk roses. 

The roses themselves are an art statement; carefully crafted in various states of bloom and shades, they bedeck the lounge in an ethereal mantle of pink. The entire menu has been updated to cater to the theme as well, with a wide variety of pink offerings to keep guests immersed. You’ll want to share snaps of your time there as well – the East and West terraces have been transformed into Instagram-minded photo backdrops, with a carousel wrapped in custom rose print, bunnies in flower crowns, and so much more. 

The Pink Rose Garden is open every Monday through Sunday for outdoor dining and weekend brunch now through October 2021. Brunch is for all ages, but after 3PM the venue is 21+. Walk-ins are welcome to peruse the Pink Rose Garden, but as with all things in New York City right now, reservations are highly recommended. 

Cocktails and a Menu to Delight

Guests to the Pink Rose Garden will have more than visual sights to fill up on; the menu is a whimsical play on the theme and offers a wide variety of culinary and cocktail delights to tempt every taste. According to the menu, the following crafted delights are curated for the Pink theme:

“Pink and Rose themed desserts created by Chef Erin Cayaban, Pastry Chef at Tao Group, Including:

  • FEELIN’ ROSIE CUPCAKE $8 Vanilla Cake, Rose Buttercream
  • PRETTY IN PINK CAKESICLES $14 Strawberry Cake, White Chocolate Shell
  • PINK ROSEBUDS $18 Rose Shaped Raspberry Meringue Cookies, Dark Chocolate Filling, Chocolate Sauce
  • PINK S’MORES $18 Pink Marshmallows, Hershey’s Chocolate
  • PINK APPLE CIDER DONUTS 14 Caramelized Apples, Spiced Caramel, Maple Bourbon Glaze

A whimsical Pink Rose Garden inspired beverage program created by Nikki McCutcheon, Beverage Director at Tao Group Hospitality:

  • Moira Rose $18; Rose Petal Gin, Fresh Lemon, Prosecco with a floating Rosebud ice cube made of Raspberry Tea. ‘A classically over the top presentation of our French 75 variation that embodies all the whimsical fun of the character its named after’
  • Hot Pink Summer $18 Pink Fleshed Dragon Fruit, Fresh Lemonade, Prosecco. ‘A combination of summer favorites with a pop of color, made to stand out in the crowd.’
  • Mr. Pink $18 Classic Frozen Margarita, Watermelon Red Bull
  • Bronx ‘World Gone Rose’ Hazy IPA $12 16oz Hazy IPA infused with Hibiscus and Dragon Fruit giving it a subtle rosé taste and a brilliant, summery pink glow.”

Fans of Moira Rose will be sure to recognize that cocktail in particular; if the taste is half as fun as the character, it’s got to be amazing. Don’t let the upscale atmosphere and downtown glitz intimidate you; even though Magic Hour is surely one of New York’s finest luxe lounges, the prices are incredibly reasonable for a night out in the Big Apple. 

Moxy + Magic Hour

NYC Magic Hour

The Moxy Hotel Times Square is perfectly positioned to be a unique NYC locale, with all the flair and individualistic design that makes it a must-see on any downtown trip. Magic Hour’s rooftop perch cements the hotel’s flawless command of 7th Ave., boasting the largest rooftop lounge downtown. 

The website’s description says of Magic Hour; “Perched 18 floors above the city, Magic Hour boasts five distinct environments. The gallery-like entrance hall features whimsical topiary animals in naughty positions. A small interior lounge has a sexy urban-industrial vibe, with wire mesh panels riveted to the ceiling and walls. There are two separate outdoor areas: The east side, overlooking the Empire State Building, has elegant garden-party fixtures, while the west is more overtly carnival-esque, with one seating area rotating slowly like an antique carousel.”

The Moxy itself is a breathtaking blend of eco-modern decor with the luxurious and modern vibe of downtown New York City; and Magic Hour sits atop it all like a glittering pink crown. If you’re thinking about a visit to the rooftop garden of delights, make your plans sooner than later; reservations in NYC are snapped up quickly with capacity still limited by social distancing restrictions. And since the Pink Rose Garden will depart in October, the pretty pink flowery clock is ticking.