O Beach Ibiza Celebrates 10yr Anniversary by Taking Over the Maldives

For 10 years now, O Beach Ibiza has been a lifestyle destination in the party capital of the world. The

O Beach Ibiza Celebrates 10yr Anniversary by Taking Over the Maldives

For 10 years now, O Beach Ibiza has been a lifestyle destination in the party capital of the world. The O Beach ethos embraces more than just a simple club visit – it’s an entire experience. And now, to celebrate 10 successful years of transforming the way people party, O Beach is taking over three islands in another vacation capital of the world: the Maldives. For their first international weekender event, O Beach is pulling out all the stops, and you won’t want to miss this titanic team-up between O Beach and three of the Maldives’ most desirable destinations. 

O Beach Takeover


If you thought the Maldives couldn’t get better, you were only partially right. While The Maldives is inarguably one of the finest paradise vacation destinations in the world, it turns out it could be better with the addition of the O Beach brand. For their very first ever international weekender, O Beach is taking over three Crossroads islands for a 4-day celebration:

  • The Marina Crossroads: Straddling Kaafu Still and Emboohoo lagoon, Marina offers a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, beach clubs and of course – access to the two resorts. 
  • Hard Rock Hotel Maldives: A five-star hotel, Hard Rock has a music-inspired rock spa, pools with underwater speakers and oversized suites, beach villas or overwater villas for guests to unwind in.
  • Saii Lagoon Hilton: Another five-star hotel that blends high-end luxury with bohemian chic. At Saii, guests have large balconies that offer a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, world class amenities and a foodie experience your stomach will love you for. 

For the four-day event that stretches from November 24-29, guests can hop between islands and enjoy parties hosted by O Beach faves KISStory, Boat Club, Pool Party, Aces, Ibiza Spray, SIN Sundays and Hot Bed. During the takeover, guests can expect soirees, parties, brunches and so much more – in the heart of paradise. 

All-inclusive packages start at around $2,370 for the four-night stay. To plan and book your four-night O Beach weekender in the Maldives, visit the website

10 Years for O Beach Ibiza


If you want to check out O Beach in their home habitat, there are three hotels to book that will put you close to the action:

  • Ocean Beach Hotel
  • Naeco Ibiza
  • Los Molinos

All include complimentary entry to O Beach for guests who book directly. 

Once you’ve checked in and are ready to head to O Beach, you’re in for an experience that transcends a day at the club. Guests can enjoy drink packages with some of the finest cocktails in the city, a Mediterranean fusion cuisine, a 600-square-meter pool that provides a hub day and night for events at the club, a poolside garden roof garden and O Lounge – all against the beautiful backdrop of the Ibiza Island off the coast of Spain. While Ibiza is known for its nightlife, O Beach kicks events off throughout the day – and even offers a family-friendly option with brand new club, Bam Bu Ku. 

For more information on how to plan an unforgettable day in Ibiza, visit O Beach Ibiza’s website. 

While You’re In the Maldives…


Of course, O Beach has an array of events and experiences for guests to enjoy, but the Maldives always offers more. With snorkeling, diving, sailing and all the water sports guests have come to expect from a stay in the idyllic islands, the choices are endless. 

Part of staying in paradise means getting to enjoy the beauty that surroundings you. In the Maldives, life is geared towards bringing the outdoor in, and vice versa; there are a variety of wellness and exercise experiences to enjoy, and they combine the comfort of resort amenities with the fresh air and beautiful paradisical backdrop. 

In a statement, O Beach’s Director of Brands and Events shares, “We are so excited to be offering this trip of a lifetime to the Maldives so people can come and celebrate our 10th year with us in true style! It will be 4 days and 4 nights of pure celebration with one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world, the Indian Ocean. It is unlike anything anyone has seen before upon those archipelago of islands and it will be a very special trip not to be missed.”

It’s sure to be an experience of a lifetime: O Beach Ibiza + the Maldives? Sign us up!