OMNIA Dayclub and Casa Calavera at Los Cabos Reopening May 7

With the cold weather dragging out in some parts of the United States, many people are dreaming of warmer days.

OMNIA Los Cabos Calavera

With the cold weather dragging out in some parts of the United States, many people are dreaming of warmer days. While some parts of the country are still hobbled by COVID restrictions, places like Mexico are opening up their best vacation destinations. In Los Cabos, OMNIA Dayclub and Casa Calavera at Vidanta are back—reopening next month, and better than ever. The Mexico vacation destination of Los Cabos has long been a celebrity hotspot and it’s one of the places stars turn their sights now that travel is opening up again. 

OMNIA and Casa Calavera Return

OMNIA Los Cabos Calavera

It’s been over a year since OMNIA and Casa Calavera were forced to suspend operations due to the pandemic. Los Cabos and the affiliated region—along Mexico’s most coveted Pacific-side paradise, at the southern end of the Baja Peninsula—felt empty without the droves of tourists who visit every year to get a taste of what Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Now, though—one year, one month, and five days—they’re re-opening, and they’ve made some changes that promise to make them better than ever.

OMNIA will be pivoting from its typical operations and will resume operation as a lounge on May 7. The day life destination, OMNIA Dayclub will provide sweeping vistas of the glittering Sea of Cortez while allowing for a breezy and low-stress socially distanced experience. No General Admission is currently permitted by government restrictions, and reservations will be required for all resort and non-resort visitors. All visitors to OMNIA must be over 18.

On the same day, May 7, Casa Calavera will also be reopening. With a thrilling Día de Muertos theme, the open-air cantina-style dining destination combines authentic local cooking techniques and recipes with a modern and sophisticated twist. In honor of the reopening, Casa Calavera has also curated a new menu, with exciting new recipes promising to titillate. 

They’re taking safety and health seriously. OMNIA‘s website explains, “In line with the guidance of national and international health authorities and the Vidanta Extraordinary Standards, all guests visiting Vidanta Los Cabos will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Face masks are required to enter the restaurant, a paperless menu is available via a scannable QR code, tables are spaced six feet apart and completely sanitized between guests, and a 40% maximum capacity is enforced at all times with no parties of more than seven people allowed per table. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the resort and the restaurant entrance and all guests must walk across sanitizing mats to enter. To find out more about Vidanta’s comprehensive system of health and safety guidelines, visit”

Los Cabos is a Celeb Hotspot

While it’s now a bustling vacation destination, the Los Cabos region was still a sleepy and unassuming fishing village as recently as the middle of the last century. Protected from the worst of the Pacific’s cyclone and earthquake wrath by its location at the end of the Baja Peninsula, hunter-gatherers and fishermen drew great bounty from the Sea of Cortez for thousands of years. Once the center of a hub for three tribes, this part of the peninsula is well-known for cave art. 

The gentle, sleepy idyllic of the southern peninsula was shattered by the conquistadors and missionaries who employed brutal tactics against the native populations, and later pirates who found the protected waters a boon. Marlin fishing is what ultimately brought modernization to Los Cabos and the surrounding cities, after a group of fishermen from the U.S. brought back tales of wonders. From the middle of the last century to the end, Los Cabos saw a boom in technology and population and has quickly become a world center of vacationing, nightlife and fine dining. 

But Los Cabos and the areas nearby aren’t just a place good for taking the weight of the world off your shoulders and indulging in the world of luxe for awhile—they’re also a great place to spot some celebrities. Only two and a half hours from Los Angeles, it’s a getaway within driving distance for California’s biggest stars, and many of them frequently take advantage of that proximity. 

George Clooney and his pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber own homes in the region, flush against the Pacific shore. And both Robert De Niro and Rebel Wilson have been spotted visiting the area, although sadly not together.

Retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather often visits in his private jet, and Jennifer Aniston is nearly a local by how often she frequents the area. Jessica Alba has been known to vacation with her pal Aniston, doubling the star power. Selena Gomez and Nicole Kidman are fans of the region, along with pals Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz

Rapper Tyga has been spotted in Los Cabos, and Hollywood superstars Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, and Will Smith have also been known to seek the warm sands of Cabo san Lucas to get away from the world for awhile. 

Hakkasan Group Is Slowly Reopening Locations

OMNIA Los Cabos Calavera

Hakkasan Group is one of the world’s premier hospitality groups, but they’ve been busier than ever trying to reopen their properties, while keeping people safe. The rate of reopening may feel not fast enough to those eager to get back to their beautiful clubs and other locations, but it’s clear the group has made its focus on health, safety and the general wellbeing of its visitors. It’s refreshing that they’re placing health in priority, and people are responding by visiting as the reopenings roll out. In Las Vegas, many of their properties have already responsibly resumed operation. Now that Mexico is following, Hakkasan is taking huge steps towards normalcy.

If you’re ready to step back into the warm, salt-air relaxing vibe of OMNIA or indulge in some of Casa Calavera’s best menu offerings, head over to OMNIA Clubs and make your reservation.