Niall Horan And Harry Styles Just Had The One Direction Reunion Of Our Dreams

The entire internet is in a frenzy after a picture of what appears to be former One Direction bandmates Niall

Niall Horan Harry Styles

The entire internet is in a frenzy after a picture of what appears to be former One Direction bandmates Niall Horan and Harry Styles hanging out recently hit the web. Yep, a brand new snap seemingly shows the two singers taking a hike together, and everyone is freaking out over the mini 1D reunion!

In the picture, you unfortunately can’t see their faces, but the fan who took it claimed that it was them. Plus, people on Twitter were quick to point out that both the guys have been spotted wearing those exact outfits before, so it definitely appears like it’s the former 1D bandmates!

As fans know, the group — which was also made up of Liam PayneLouis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik — was put together by Simon Cowell after all the guys auditioned on The X Factor as solo artists back in 2010. They went on to release five epic albums together, embark on numerous world tours, sell out massive stadiums, release their own perfume, drop a few concert movies, break a lot of records and so much more! But in 2015, they announced that they were taking an indefinite hiatus, and fans were left heartbroken.

Since then, they’ve all gone on to launch major solo careers — they’ve all released albums of their own and Styles has even acted in a few movies — but somehow, they have still found time to stay close! Yep, over the years, the guys have been spotted hanging out here and there, and every time they get together, it makes our hearts burst. Here’s all the times the guys of One Direction have reunited since the band went their separate ways…

February 2016

In February 2016, Payne and Tomlinson attended the Brit Awards together! One Direction’s song “Drag Me Down” took home the award for Best Music Video that year, so they accepted it on behalf of the band.


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March 2016

One month later, Tomlinson and Horan got together for a night out — and fans were so happy to see them side by side again!

“Good night! Missed you, Nialler lad!” the “Walls” crooner wrote on Instagram, alongside a snap of them together.


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June 2016

In June 2016, they got together once again! This time, they both participated in something called Soccer Aid, which is a big charity soccer match in the U.K. The former bandmates were actually on opposite teams, but that didn’t stop them from hanging out a lot during the event!


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November 2016

In November 2016, Horan and Malik had a very brief reunion when they passed each other at the American Music Awards. A fan caught them saying hi to each other on tape, and it was pretty emotional for us 1D stans, TBH.

December 2016

In December 2016, Tomlinson’s mom, Johannah Deakin, tragically passed away from cancer. And when he hit the stage a few days later to perform for the first time, Horan, Payne and Styles all came to support him (but not Malik). There’s unfortunately no pictures from the reunion, but Tomlinson has talked about it a few times in interviews.

“I had a couple of calls with [Malik] after I lost my mum, and all the boys had agreed to come to that performance and he didn’t show, so that really bugged me,” he once said, while discussing his relationship with the “Pillowtalk” artist.

June 2017

When it was announced that Horan and Payne were both scheduled to perform at ZPL’s Birthday Bash in Indianapolis in June 2017, everyone was so excited! And when they shared a selfie together backstage before the show, it was the best thing ever.

September 2017

In September 2017, Tomlinson attended one of Horan’s concerts in Los Angeles, CA. And afterwards, a friend shared a snap that included the two guys, and it was so great seeing them together again!

And a few days later, Horan attended one of Styles’ shows — we love how supportive they are of each other!

December 2017

In December 2017, Horan and Payne both performed on the Jingle Ball Tour. And not only did they shared a few pics together from backstage, but Payne even posted a clip of Horan hanging out in his hotel room during one of their days off!

Plus, in the same month, Tomlinson and Horan got together at their former manager Kim Davidson‘s wedding.

February 2018

Payne and Horan ran into each other at a Brits afterparty in February 2018, and Payne was super excited about it. The 27-year-old shared a pic with Horan on his Instagram Stories, captioning it, “What a surprise end to my night.”

October 2018

Get this, you guys — when Tomlinson was a judge on The X Factor in October 2018, he asked Payne to come and be his guest judge! How sweet is that?! They had an epic reunion on live television, and it was seriously emotional!

And that’s not all. The former bandmates also teamed up in the same month to film a video that was for a charity program called Googlebox.


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Plus, Horan was spotted supporting Tomlinson in the audience of The X Factor finale a few weeks later.

June 2019

In June 2019, fans caught Horan and Styles together at an Eagles concert in London, England, and the entire fanbase went wild!

September 2019

September 2019 was a big month for us 1D stans. Get this — Tomlinson and Payne reunited at the Coca Cola Music Festival in Madrid, Spain, and it was magical! They shared a snap together from backstage, and it was even reported that when Tomlinson heard that Payne wasn’t feeling well ealier that night, he made sure to go and check on him before the show. Our hearts!


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November 2019

One month later, Horan and Tomlinson had a super-sweet reunion at the Telehit Awards in Mexico.


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And in the same month, Tomlinson and Payne both performed at Hits Radio’s Hits Live. Although they didn’t share any pics together this time, Tomlinson was spotted watching Payne perform in the audience, and it looked like he had such a fun time!

December 2019

Payne and Styles both performed at Jingle Bell Ball in London, England, in December 2019. And a few weeks later, Payne opened up about seeing his former bandmate.

“It was really interesting, we hadn’t seen each other for a really long time,” he said. “It was really nice, he’s still the same boy as when I left him which is really sweet, just different with age and whatever else. He’s such a lovely lad.”

February 2020

Horan and Styles both attended the Brit Awards in February 2020, and a fan caught them hugging in the audience!

The singer later told GQ, “I caught up with Harry [at the event]. It was good to see him, I hadn’t seen him in a long time. He lives not too far away from me in L.A. but every time we go to L.A., he seems to go one way and I go the other and we keep missing each other. It was great to see him, he smashed his performance. He was obviously nominated for a couple awards so, successful night for him. It was good to see him.”

April 2020

In April 2020, Payne shared a screenshot of himself and Horan on a FaceTime call together!

In the same month, they also did an Instagram Live together, and it was a dream come true!

January 2021

When asked if he had spoken to any of the guys recently during an Instagram Live in January 2021, Payne revealed that he and Tomlinson had just caught up on the phone!

“I was actually just on the phone to Louis, who I haven’t spoken to in a minute, which was quite nice,” he said. “I’ve been struggling with it a little bit. Louis has definitely been there for me over the past couple of weeks, which I’ve got to say thank you and … give him his due.”

It looks like no matter how much time passes, the guys will be friends forever.