Live Out Your Outer Banks Dreams at Sanderling Resort

It’s back! Netflix has announced plans to renew the wildly popular coming-of-age mystery show Outer Banks for a third season,

Outer Banks Sanderling

It’s back! Netflix has announced plans to renew the wildly popular coming-of-age mystery show Outer Banks for a third season, and fans everywhere rejoice. In honor of the announcement, Sanderling Resort in North Carolina’s world famous islands is inviting guests to come live out their Outer Banks (OBX) dreams while partaking of the kind of rich and luxurious vacation you’ll find in OBX. With a heart for history and all the modern conveniences at your fingertips, Sanderling is the perfect place to getaway to this Winter. 

Live Your Outer Banks Dreams at Sanderling Resort

Outer Banks Sanderling

Sprawling across 13 acres with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic, Sanderling Resort is the only full-service resort on North Carolina’s OBX. The coastline has over the centuries inspired novels and lovers alike, and now you can bring that feel you get from watching Outer Banks and live it out at Sanderling. 

When you drive up to the resort, immediately you’re struck by the breadth and grandeur of the buildings. Looking like a historic home – with a lot of rooms – the Sanderling is charming and immediately draws you in. With a grand double staircase entrance and an adorable lobby that’s part Nantucket Beach, part Cape Cod, all OBX, you’ll feel welcomed the moment you step foot on the property. Perched on the dunes above the ocean, at Sanderling you can take a dip in the beautiful swimming pools with a picture-perfect pergola or walk down to the water and see some of the OBX’s wild horses as they frolic in the sand. 

Or maybe you had a long drive and want to head straight to your room. Choose from a deluxe room or luxurious suite, and if you’re planning to be there for awhile you can book a vacation rental. Each room is designed with a soothing sand palette, letting your eyes focus on the breathtaking views just outside the window. Lay on your bed and watch the cattails wave in the brisk salt breeze as the sounds of the waves lull you to sleep or walk out your back door and dig your toes in the sand in just a few steps. 

Outside of your Room

Outer Banks Sanderling

For food, the Outer Banks is second to none. At Sanderling, take advantage of the fresh seafood and world class ingredients and eat in their historic, quaint Lifesaving Station, or the intimate and modern Kimball’s Kitchen. If it’s a quick bite and a cocktail you’re looking for, Sandbar is a beach-side destination that’s both convenient and charming. 

When you’ve filled your food gauge you can head over to the Spa at Sanderling, a full-service place to wash away your cares with the soft gentle sounds of the ocean in the background. Overlooking the Currituck Sound, the Spa’s 10 treatment rooms offer coastal and seasonally inspired massage, body, and facial treatments. 

Everywhere you go at Sanderling, you’ll find Instagram-worthy views, decor, and amenities but it’s the activities of the OBX that will refresh your soul. Two outdoor pools, one indoor pool, and a guest gym are all included in your resort stay – but you may want to try something a little different, and Sanderling has you covered there too. The resort offers the perfect jumping off point for a wild horse tour, riding experience, beach exploration, hang-gliding, parasailing, golf, kayaking, wakeboard, wine tasting – and so much more. For every outdoor lover and indoor dreamer, Sanderling Resort is the place to be. To plan and book your stay, visit the website

Netflix’s Outer Banks is Back!

Outer Banks Sanderling

The OBX has long been a place favored by tourists for its charming and historic destinations, as well as world-class beaches and outdoor amenities. But Netflix’s Outer Banks has drawn eyes to its sandy shores in a resurgence of popularity. In early December, the streaming platform giant announced that they would be renewing the popular series for a third season – and fans have been celebrating ever since. 

Variety reports, “The Pogues still have more treasures to hunt and bad guys to outsmart all while clad in board shorts and bikinis, and a few brewskis deep. Netflix has officially renewed the coming-of-age mystery series ‘Outer Banks,’ set on islands of the same name off the coast of North Carolina and the Bahamas, for a third season. Series creators Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke will all return as showrunners and executive producers of the Gen Z hit.

Season 1 premiered at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic — April 2020 — when escapism was the TV trend du jour, and ‘Outer Banks’ delivered plenty of on-screen getaways for audiences. Season 2 premiered on July 30, 2021, and it held the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s global ‘top 10 TV series in English’ list for the first four weeks following its launch.” 

Season two saw the Pogues dealing with a loss and facing ever-rising stakes at home. At this point fans can only guess what season three will bring, but the return of the series is an exciting promise for 2022. While you’re waiting, hop over to Sanderling and gaze broodingly out over the waters as you think about the plight of your favorite characters – or kick back in bed and dream of what might come.