'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Is Toying Fans With Potential Pregnancy News

'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Is Toying Fans With Potential Pregnancy News


Jun. 7 2022, Published 11:43 a.m. ET

Kailyn Lowry has four kids and might still be counting. The Teen Mom star recently debuted her new man, Elijah Scott and the rumors of them taking the next step in their relationship have already begun.

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The "Soft Launch"


Instagram/ Kaillowry

It all began when Lowry posted a "soft launch" of Scott to her Instagram page. In the photo, Lowry is seen laughing with her hand over her mouth and her new man, well, he is half seen. Scott is in the photo however his back is to the camera and he appears to be wearing a black hoodie and black cap. She captioned the photo, "All good over here." She added in, "What do ya'll think he said to me to make me laugh?"

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Scott Waves To The Cameras

Scott, 23, was allowed to make a quick appearance during Lowry's virtual conversation with co-hosts Dr. Drew Pinksy and Nessa. When they asked for an introduction Lowry reluctantly agreed by saying, "Why am I doing this?"

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Scott appeared on the screen in a mask which didn't allow us to see his full face, still leaving a bit of mystery. Dr. Drew asked for him and Lowry shut it down right away saying, "no, no. no, no. Don't say your name. Don't you dare." And after a short back and forth Scott left the frame saying, "And that is my cue to go back to the room."

Is Baby Number Five On The Way?

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The mom of four recently shared a post to her Instagram story which has fans going stir crazy about whether or not she might be pregnant.

Lowry posted a screenshot of her Google search, which read, "symbolism of snake." Now, typically when we think of a snake reference it's a dig at someone who can't be trusted. However, her search read something different.

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According to Lowry's search, which was shared online, represents fertility and rebirth. It went on to read that a snake could mean a creative life force, transformation, immortality and healing.

This obviously had fans jumping out of their skin and were quick to take their thoughts to Reddit.

The thread was captioned, "Oh f--k, here we go. [Kailyn] found a snake so that automatically means fertility. Baby dady #4?"

One fan responded, "I swear to God if this bish has another kid while I sit here with my cats I'm gonna LOSE IT."

Another questioned, "Is she announcing #5?"

While a third chimed in, "Incoming pregnancy announcement."

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And, while pregnancy curiosities took over the post, others mentioned that it could be a dig at her nemesis Briana DeJesus, referencing that snakes represent "sneaky behavior."

Others joked that it could just be "Javi visiting."

Pregnancy "Hints" Are Nothing New For Kailyn

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Lowry is no stranger to teasing fans with news about her personal life. I mean, let's just refer back to the "soft launch", right?

Last year, in October, she was ridiculed by fans after "hinting" she was pregnant by posing with a baby blanket which had her podcast title on it, Baby Mamas No Drama.

Fans flooded the comment section, one saying, "You're always hinting that you're preggars!"

Another labeled Lowry as "desparate," while another wrote, "More DRAMA from @kaillowry."

Regardless of the past and Lowry's way of sharing news, we still do not know what the snake truly means for her. No further comments have been made from the TV personality if she really is pregnant or not.


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