A Teen Mom 2 Baby Daddy may Have a New Girlfriend - and Definitely Has a New Baby

A Teen Mom 2 Baby Daddy may Have a New Girlfriend - and Definitely Has a New Baby


May. 13 2022, Published 1:43 p.m. ET

A Teen Mom 2 ex and baby daddy is raising speculation online that he may be in a new relationship, and we know he's recently had a new baby.

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Kailyn Lowry's ex and baby daddy Chris Lopez may be cozying up to a new girlfriend, even as everything seems to fall apart for Lowry. Here's what we know about Lopez's current relationship status.

A New Girlfriend for Chris Lopez??

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Lopez has been in the news a lot lately because of his connection with two Teen Mom stars - Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus.

Lopez himself had limited facetime on the show when he was with Lowry, but has seemed more interested in appearing on the show since striking up a friendship with DeJesus.

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That's an unfortunate development for Lowry, who is DeJesus's arch enemy, and the pair recently went head-to-head in a legal battle over what Lowry said was a defaming comment from DeJesus. DeJesus claimed Lowry beat Lopez - and Lowry sued her for the comment.

A judge recently dismissed the case in favor of DeJesus after the reality star filed an anti-slapp motion to protect her First Amendment rights.

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And rumors have been flying about the likelihood that DeJesus and Lopez struck up a relationship when they filmed a podcast together - setting off a confrontation with Lowry on social media and dividing Teen Mom fans.

But Lopez and DeJesus are not officially together, so who is Lowry's ex dating now?

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It's a complicated answer. Last year, Lopez revealed that he was living with girlfriend Tae and helping her raise her son.

Then in December 2021, Lopez revealed that he was father to a newborn son, Trew. But is the baby Tae's? And is he still dating Tae?

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It seems likely that Tae and Lopez are together - but given Lopez's reluctance to use public social media, it's hard to say for sure.

What About that Baby?

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Speaking of a baby, though. When Lopez announced late last year that he had welcomed a newborn son, he kept one important detail under wraps.

That detail? Who the mom is.

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Distractify writes, "During a December 2021 episode of his podcast, Chris revealed to fans that he was the father of a newborn son named Trew Christopher, but he did not say who the baby's mother is. That same month, he shared a pic of the youngster on social media. Per Reality Tidbit, Chris shared a video in April 2022 with all of his sons — aka the 'Lopez Boys,' as he refers to them.

Chris also revealed in an April 2022 episode his podcast (per Heavy): 'Me and the kid’s mom, my new kid’s mom, we [are] not in a relationship or anything.'"

Is the mystery mom Tae, and that means they're not together as of last month? Or is there another woman who welcomed a baby with Lopez, but isn't in a relationship with him?

Fans are itching for an answer, but like most things with Lopez - they'll have to wait until he spills the tea on his podcast.


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