Teen Mom Scandal: One Cast Member Seems to Brag About Cheating on her Husband

Teen Mom Scandal: One Cast Member Seems to Brag About Cheating on her Husband


Apr. 21 2022, Published 5:19 p.m. ET

Cheating: some people do it. Most people would admit that it's a horrible thing. However, there are those few who seem proud of themselves when they do it - and some even brag about pulling it off, regardless of the collateral damage they leave in their wake.

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One Teen Mom star is under fire recently for seeming to brag about the choice she made to cheat on her husband - and the fact that he cheated too. Are her comments blown out of proportion, taken out of context, or indicative of a character flaw? Here's a look at what Mackenzie McKee had to say about cheating on her husband - and why people are in an uproar.

Mackenzie Has Fessed Up - But is She Proud About It?

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Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee recently made comments that set fan rumors on fire.

Celebuzz writes, "'How did you deal with your husband cheating and try [to work past it]?' a fan asked on Mackenzie’s Q&A on Instagram.

'Josh and I went through a patch where we took a break and both stepped out in our marriage,' Mackenzie replied. 'MTV filmed us both admitting what we had done and only aired his side.'

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'Had my husband just went off and cheated while my ass was faithful, I can promise I would have left,' she wrote.

'But I’m honestly happy we went through that time because it only made us realize we are each others people and now we laugh about it all.'

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'My marriage is happier than most ‘picture perfect’ marriages I see around me.'"

Many fans have commented since that it seems like she was bragging. Marital bliss by way of cheating? McKee wouldn't be the first to make such a claim.

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While many couples break-up after infidelity, it's not uncommon for people to try to work things out. For some, the cycle of cheating and pain continues. For others, it inspires them to focus on improving their relationship and being better partners.

It would seem that McKee believes that she and her husband belong to the latter group. Bragging? Maybe.

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Teen Mom Stars Who Have Cheated - She's Not Alone

Cheating in the Teen Mom is universe is nothing new. Here's a look at some of the most "yikes" moments of infidelity from Teen Mom:

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  • Chelsea Houska: According to Adam Lind, Houska cheated on him - with his brother, no less. Although she's often considered a paragon of married virtue in her picture perfect marriage with ColeDeBoer, she didn't deny Lind's accusations, giving them some creedence.
  • Kristina Shirley: Gary Shirley is a Teen Mom favorite after watching him be put through the wringer by ex Amber Portwood. Fans were happy to see him find bliss with now-wife Kristina. But Kristina is a cheater too; she cheated on her ex with Gary himself. It's kind of romantic? But still definitely cheating.
  • Kailyn Lowry: Her relationship with ex Javi Marroquin had some ups and downs. But the greatest downs may have come when Lowry possibly cheated on Marroquin while he was deployed overseas. Lowry has never denied his accusations.
  • Leah Messer: While it seems like she's doing pretty well with new beau Jaylen Mobley, there was a time when Messer was a little confused between the past and the present. Messer divorced Corey Simms, and later married Jeremy Calvert. But it seems like she wasn't over Simms, as she cheated on Calvert with Simms.

There have been some more moments of infidelity and some accusations over the years. But we know for sure that both Mackenzie and Josh McKee cheated on one another - and it seems to have worked out.


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