Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska Sells South Dakota Dream Home for $45K Under Asking

Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska Sells South Dakota Dream Home for $45K Under Asking


Apr. 28 2022, Published 11:49 a.m. ET

Sometimes selling your dream home becomes necessary, but it's never easy. Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska recently sold her South Dakota dream home, and it wasn't the soaring profit they hoped for even in the hot market of today.

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In fact, they sold the house for almost $50K under asking. While they still made a profit, it's not enough to cushion the worries that she and husband Cole DeBoer face as they struggle to reach a settlement in a nearly $3M lawsuit with Houska's former business partner.

Chelsea Takes a Loss on Dream House

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It's a beautiful home that they custom designed in the heart of South Dakota.

Houska and DeBoer built the six bedroom, two bathroom home from the ground up and moved in December 2020.

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With 3,466 square feet of country chic rustic charm, the farm house boasts white-antique cabinets in the kitchen, an adorable plaid laundry room, hardwood floors, farm outbuildings and six acres for a family to grow on.

It's a peaceful plot of land perfect for the right family - just not Houska's.

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The house sale was finalized in July, but records just became available. Per The Sun, "The Sun can exclusively reveal the home sold on July 16 for $555,000, as real estate records just became available.

Though they sold the house for under their asking price, the former Teen Mom 2 stars still brought in a profit, as they bought the house for $435,000 in June 2018."

All of this comes amid a lawsuit with Houska's former business partner, consulting company Envy. They claim that Houska and DeBoer withheld money from social media promotions and are suing for $3M. Houska and DeBoer in return say that Envy withheld around $150K in promotions.

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They met for mediation late this month, but no deal was reached.

Chelsea and Cole to Star in HGTV Show

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Even though their legal woes continue, Houska and DeBoer have something to look forward to: their own HGTV show.

CELEB took a look when it was announced in early April, and some fans are a little skeptical:

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"Houska and DeBoer have officially signed up to host 'Farmhouse Fabulous' on HGTV which will air starting in 2023. The show follows the enterprising pair as they launch a home design business. Filming will take place in South Dakota, where the pair recently moved into their very own farmhouse, which they designed from the ground up.

For the first season, 8 episodes are expected. How much life the show experiences after that is up in the air, for now. Houska's dad, Randy Houska, was a fan favorite on Teen Mom 2 and will make appearances on Farmhouse Fabulous.

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But not everyone is excited, with or without Randy. Cheatsheet writes, 'While some of Chelsea Houska’s fans are excited to catch up with her on a brand new reality TV show, not everyone is thrilled with the big news. Several fans have called Houska a 'liar' and a 'hypocrite.' Houska’s critics point out that she walked away from one reality TV show, citing a need for privacy but has quickly decided to return to TV.

One Reddit user argues that the concept for the series is 'lame.' Other users are questioning why Houska and DeBoer landed the series. They note that the couple has little experience renovating homes aside from their own home project.' "

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Chelsea and Cole aren't letting the naysayers get to them, however. The reason Chelsea gives for not wanting to be a part of Teen Mom anymore was how invasive it was and how deeply it impacted all aspects of her life. For a show like Farmhouse Fabulous, the invasiveness should be minimal - an important distinction.

It's exactly the bright future the couple needs to have their focus on as they continue to battle it out with Envy.


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