Teen Mom's Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley Confirm New Baby Details

Teen Mom's Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley Confirm New Baby Details


Apr. 12 2022, Published 11:07 a.m. ET

Any time one of the Teen Mom girls gets a new boyfriend, rumors begin to swirl. First, people start to ask - is it serious? Are they getting married? Then, every picture of the pair starts to get scrutinized extra closely; is that a baby bump I see? So it's natural that the rumor mill would be working overtime since news broke that Leah Messer had a new beau - Jaylan Mobley. And pregnancy rumors have been fairly nonstop for the pair, with every little bump in Messer's slim physique being immediately hailed as "proof."

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Now we actually have confirmation of a new baby in the lives of Messer and Mobley - and it's time to celebrate their newest addition.

A New Baby for Leah and Jaylan

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It might be more accurate to say that there's never a time when people aren't actively speculating on the pregnancy status of stars - Teen Mom stars included. Every time there's a picture that includes the waist, every time someone's face is a little puffy or they wear a baggy shirt - someone has to guess that they're pregnant.

The rumors kicked into high gear over New Years as Messer shared images of herself and Mobley celebrating the big holiday, and her dress suggested the merest whisper of a rounded tummy - perfectly normal on even the most fit human - and fans started speculating.

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Now, we have updated information on baby news - and there is a new baby. It just might not be the baby fans expected.

Over the weekend, Mobley shared an image of himself and Messer - holding a puppy. The caption read, "Everyone meet my new boy Blue. Thank you baby for the surprise @leahmesser."

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That's right - they have a new baby puppy. And he's absolutely adorable. Blue looks to be a little French bulldog, with a precious droopy face and big bat ears. Although it may not be the baby news fans have been chomping at the bit for - you can't be disappointed with that sweet face.

A Fast-Moving Relationship, a House, and the Question of Marriage

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If it seems fast to be buying a dog for a new partner, wait until you hear what Mobley recently bought for Messer - a whole house. That's right, the pair who has been dating for a few months now shares more than a new baby puppy, they share an entire house and some breathtaking property.

Messer shared the news last week that Mobley surprised her with the elegant, large brick home - and they filmed themselves surprising Messer's three daughters with the house as well.

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Messer films the couple driving the girls to the new house as a surprise, and the girls take turns guessing where they're going. CELEB explored the story after Messer dropped the big news; "At one point, the girls suggest that they're driving to see a house that Mobley may have bought - good guess, girls - but Messer and Mobley try to demure by saying maybe they bought the land to build a house on. Youngest daughter Addie quips, 'Yeah but building a house takes months and I know you, you hate being patient.' Messer laughs, 'Jaylen is the most patient man I know.'

The fan tears start to flow when Mobley takes a moment to express to the girls how much he loves them and enjoys being their bonus dad. In the back seat, the girls return the affection; 'love you too.'

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Once it sinks in that they're pulling up to their own house which 'cost a lot of money' per Addie, the joy and excitement bubbles over and they run to claim their rooms. The video takes viewers inside briefly as the girls enjoy the new place they'll call home."

A new home, a new baby (puppy) - what's next, marriage? Messer wants to take it slowly, per Celebuzz, "'I just wanna continue getting to know each other. I think that with time, we'll see if that's something,' she told Us Weekly. She added that marriage is 'scary' and a 'huge commitment.'"

Maybe sharing a puppy and a house will make it easier to take the next step. Meanwhile, the puppy confirmed one bit of news - but hasn't stopped the pregnancy rumors. Those will likely continue until Messer really is pregnant again - if she isn't already, of course.


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