What's Up with Wendy Williams? New Video Sparks Fan Concerns Over Mental Health

What's Up with Wendy Williams? New Video Sparks Fan Concerns Over Mental Health


Aug. 10 2022, Published 2:02 p.m. ET

A new video of former daytime host Wendy Williams has eyebrows raising everywhere.

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The controversial host stepped away from her daytime talk show, aptly named The Wendy Williams Show, to care for her health. But now fans are worried that her mental health is at risk after concerning behavior in a new clip she's shared about an alleged upcoming podcast.

Wendy Williams' Worrying New Video

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Williams took to Instagram this week and shared a short clip on her new podcast's page, The Wendy Williams Experience.

In the clip, a wide-eyed Williams grins at the camera and says, "Co-host, I'm famous and I'll be back, trust me." "The queen" appeared in writing across the clip before it signed off with her podcast's logo.

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In the video, Williams is seated on a bed with a black t-shirt, what appear to be shorts, and a leopard-print blanket.

She seems a little haggard and wild-eyed, and it immediately had fans buzzing with concern in the comments.

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One fan wrote, "Her podcast will be a shit show. She ain't ready yet. You can see it in her eyes. Rest is what WW needs fir now."

Another added, "She looks and sounds like sh--. I hope whoever is running this account reads all the comments here. We’re concerned for Wendy! She is not herself it’s obvious. What is going on? Get her the help she needs and stop using her because that’s what it seems is going on here. It’s so sad. Wendy is an icon. She deserves better."

One had some advice for Williams, writing, "@therealwendywilliamsonline @thewendyexperiencepodcast I love you and I really feel you need to worry more about taking care of yourself than podcast. you're looking too thin. PLEASE GO TO THE DOCTOR PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I LOVE YOU TO LIFE!"

While the majority of comments were fans expressing excitement and pride in their beloved former daytime host, enough comments drew attention to the expression on her face and her sickly pallor to show that not everyone thinks the time away from The Wendy Williams Show has done good things for her.

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Many believe that people are trying to exploit her by getting her back on the air in some form or another ASAP, and those close to Williams say that no one is interested in working with her.

Is The Wendy Williams Podcast Happening or Not?

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The Sun reports, "A source close to Wendy previously dished on her new passion project, claiming there are no deals in place and major podcast carriers have passed on working with her.

Another source told The Sun: 'These interviews are just heartbreaking, and she still doesn’t have a podcast deal. Most big companies have passed, they don’t want her drama, and no one believes she will do the work each day.'

The insider added that there isn't a lot of faith in her management right now either.

'She’s trouble, and her team is unprofessional. They don't have much experience in the podcast world, and they aren't keenly aware of the landscape.'

A second source in Wendy's inner circle told The Sun: 'There is no date for when this podcast is supposed to happen.

'I can't see her being able to put on a podcast. It's weird she is even being put out for these interviews. They're disturbing. It just becomes clearer she isn't ready,' they added."

Even though fans are clearly sounding the alarm, Williams' manager is unconcerned.

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While he admits that Williams isn't at her best after losing her beloved talk show, he believes she's getting back to fighting form. The manager told The Sun, "Is there any concern on my behalf? No, I just feel like Wendy is being Wendy. It's a lot for her to take on right now."

But fans who have known and loved her for years believe this is all adding up to bad things for the controversial host.


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