Pacha Group is Returning with Their ‘A Game’ to Mykonos in Time for Summer ’22

The beautiful island of Mykonos lies in the heart of the Aegean Sea. With picturesque views, historic landmarks, and a

Pacha Group is Returning with Their 'A Game' to Mykonos in Time for Summer '22

The beautiful island of Mykonos lies in the heart of the Aegean Sea. With picturesque views, historic landmarks, and a vibe all its own – the island has become both a resort and nightlife destination people travel from all over the world to visit.

Premiere hospitality brand Pacha Group has announced that they will be returning to the island of Mykonos with the reopening of Destino Pacha Mykonos, along with the launch of Lío Mykonos and Ftelia Beach Club.

Back to Mykonos in Time for the Summer as the Hotel Reopens

In 2021, Pacha Group opened their first boutique hotel outside of Spain, Destino Pacha Mykonos.

Now, after a brief closure, the destination hotel is back – and so are two more Pacha venues in Mykonos. Lío Mykonos and Ftelia Beach Club bring more of the Pacha Group excellence to the Aegean island, starting this Spring.

On May 12, on the picturesque spot on the cliffs overlooking the sea, Destino Pacha Mykonos will reopen. With 34 rooms and that signature Mediterranean vibe, Destino is comprised of white-washed buildings, winding roadways, and the ever-present breeze that washes over the island and brings renewal, hope, and a whisper of the ancient past that calls the island home.

The Pacha Group team shares in a statement, "The area surrounding the scenic pools that looks out over the water has been upgraded and expanded to offer guests more lounging space plus an even bigger dancefloor and in true Pacha spirit, the hotel will welcome an incredible line-up of exclusive pool parties and live music events throughout the summer, for both hotel guests and visitors."

The hotel itself is comprised of dispersed buildings in a traditional Mykonian villa style, with oversized windows to allow for ample lighting and fresh air. A delicate, neutral and natural palette makes up the hotel's decor, offering a soothing sanctuary for guests looking to take in the extraordinary view and get a taste of Mykonos.

Speaking of a taste, the Pacha Group team adds, "There is an al fresco all-day dining restaurant serving a combination of Spanish and Greek cuisines, which overlooks the two large pools as well as the sea below, making for the ideal lazy lunch or brunch spot, or a fun hangout for afternoon drinks, all to the soundtrack of live DJ sets."

For more information on the hotel ahead of the May 12 reopening or to book your stay, visit the website.

Performers will include global talent such as DJ Guy Gerber, DJ Luciano and more.

Lío Mykonos

Also coming to Mykonos from the minds and creative genius of Pacha Group is Lío Mykonos.

Opening May 26, Lío Mykonos is a cabaret restaurant and club bringing breathtaking performances from singers, dancers and acrobats – alongside a world-class menu.

Behind the helm of the delightful menu is the island's most-beloved chef, Alkis Vardaramatos.

The Lío Mykonos team writes in a statement, "Open every day throughout the season, this year’s show theme is ‘Simply the Best’, a collection of the most wonderful acts and artists Lio has to offer. Hidden behind an elusive door off the main street of Mykonos town, this magic garden venue offers a gorgeous al fresco courtyard embellished with olive trees."

For more information on Lío Mykonos, visit the website.

For the conclusion of this triple threat of delights, opening alongside Lío Mykonos is Ftelia Beach Club – on a coveted spot on one of north Mykonos' most unspoiled beaches, Ftelia is the "ultimate barefoot hangout" and will offer both world-class DJs and a menu of fresh island fare sure to inspire a return.

With Pacha's additions to Mykonos, it's a better time than ever to plan an Aegean getaway.