The Palmer Johnson DB9 Yacht is a Superyacht for the Stars

Gliding powerfully above the waves, feeling the salt breeze in your hair, and exploring the French coastline with all the

Palmer Johnson DB9

Gliding powerfully above the waves, feeling the salt breeze in your hair, and exploring the French coastline with all the conveniences of a top-tier resort? Yes, please! The Palmer Johnson superyacht DB9 was designed to do just that, and it’s become a playground for the powerful; stars, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life looking to harness the powerful vessel to take them on an adventure. CELEB takes a look at the DB9 and what makes it so appealing to society’s elite.

Specs of the DB9

Palmer Johnson DB9

Saying the DB9 is a superyacht is really underselling the beast. It’s a breathtaking, sleek vessel that runs 171 feet long and weighs 495 tons. The beam is 31.2 feet and the draft is only 8′; shallow enough to navigate in a number of harbors larger yachts find prohibitive. The shell of the yacht is aluminum, with teak planks on deck.

The owner of the DB9 is John Rosatti, and it was built first in 2010 under the careful hands of designer Nuvolari & Lenard. When launched, the vessel was dubbed DB9 and then renamed “Aura,” after a 2018 refit, an auspicious name for a golden design.

Top speeds of the DB9 are around 32.9 knots. The stunning sea vessel has enough space to sleep 12 guests, in 5 staterooms. 11 crewmembers man the vessel from 6 crew cabins.

Inside and Outside

If you charter the vessel and are therefore one of the lucky ones to set foot on its gleaming decks, you’re in for a treat. The outside is a fairly typical yacht design with a top deck pool and lounge area, and a mid-deck dining lounge, covered to keep things cool. The top deck also boasts a hot tub and an outdoor movie setup, with enough room for everyone to lie down and still have space to spare while watching.

But it would be hard to peel your eyes away from the South France ocean where the Aura prowls. If you can, and you manage to peel yourself away from top deck to explore inside, you’re going to find wonders galore. The stateroom has light wood walls with a lighted recessed ceiling and a soothing white decor theme. That theme is repeated throughout the other guest cabins, with beds of varying sizes.

The interior boasts chef-served meals in a vista-rich dining room and a lounge with a plethora of seating to escape the warm afternoon sun. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the outdoors or watch it through a glistening glass window, the DB9 “Aura” is the perfect blend of indoor convenience and outdoor amenities.

Celebs Who Love Yachting

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Celebrities and entrepreneurs the world over love yachting, this is a proven fact. And the DB9 is of course one of the finest available to charter, so it makes sense that some of the world’s elite have done so. Rumor has it that Fashion Nova‘s Richard Saghian enjoys the Aura, and artist Alec Monopoly was pictured in front of it just this week, enjoying some time away from his busy schedule in France.

Yachts offer all the fun and amenities of a cruise without the crush of an adoring public, so it’s the perfect getaway for those with a desire to do so. The following celebrities are known to own or charter yachts regularly:

  • Johnny Depp
  • Bono
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Tiger Woods
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce
  • Sean “P.Diddy” Combs

The DB9 is almost a vacation destination unto itself, and now that it’s been refit it’s likely to continue to draw admiring celebs and entrepreneurs the world over. The Aura is the perfect resort-on-the-water when you want to take every luxury with you across the waves.