Mystery: Here’s the One Person the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas Follows

On social media, image is everything. The pictures we share, the words we write: it all adds up to a


On social media, image is everything. The pictures we share, the words we write: it all adds up to a public image that shapes how people view us and who they believe we are. For businesses, the social media image is even more important. It becomes an instant doorway into the life of a customer. They either want to let that business into their world – or journey into theirs – or they scroll on and an opportunity is lost forever. So businesses carefully chose every aspect of their social media image.

Because of this, we’re presented with something of a mystery. The Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, which was recently sold to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and has a bright future ahead – is following one person on Instagram. Just one person. In contrast to their 125K followers.

That single person must be very important – and you’ll never guess who it is. 

It’s a Social Media Mystery

Melinda Sheckells is the Editor-at-Large of CELEB, and she has her finger on the pulse of all things Vegas. The person to know, and the person always in the know, Sheckells runs in the circles that all journalists dream of in Vegas. We consider her an enormous asset to the team and an irreplaceable part of what makes Vegas hum like a well-oiled machine. It would seem that the Palms Casino & Resort agrees with us. Because the single person they follow on social media? It’s CELEB‘s very own Melinda Sheckells. 

Sheckells has followed the Palms through several owners and iterations, and recently sat down with new president Cynthia Kiser Murphey to discuss the amazing team behind the Palms which will re-open this year under new ownership. Is Sheckells storied career in Vegas and connections to all of the hospitality greats the explanation behind the single follower mystery?

We actually don’t know – but if we could follow just one person, it would be Sheckells. 

Yaamava – Proof that SMGHA is Ready to Bring It


As the Palms approaches re-opening in Spring of 2022, Vegas and the casino world watch the hotel’s renovations eagerly, anticipating how they’ll breathe new life into the 21-year-old Vegas property. But skeptics are finding their concerns slowly put to rest one at a time, especially with the opening of a brand new casino by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians that shows they’re ready to bring their A-game to Las Vegas.

Formerly known as the San Manuel Casino, Yaamava Resort & Casino opened its doors anew in December of 2021. The Highland, California, resort is breathtaking – every detail lovingly crafted to maximize guest enjoyment and comfort. Sheckells recently checked out the renovated property and explains that it’s a place you won’t want to miss.

Yaamava combines luxury accommodations with the kind of casino and resort know-how that only comes from being at the top of the industry. Here’s a quick overview of things you need to know if you’re considering a stay at Yaamava – and why you definitely should, if you aren’t already considering it:

  • Rooms: Borrowing the decor palette from the breathtaking desert vista just outside, the rooms use a soothing mix of cream, light browns, and some pops of darker red-brown to evoke mountains and sand. Every accommodation is a luxury getaway, but the soaking tubs in the suites will make you feel like you’re wrapped in your very own spa experience.
  • Spa: Speaking of a spas, the Serrano Spa is the perfect place to brush off the desert dust and soothe away your aches. Like the rest of the resort, the spa borrows from the natural beauty around to evoke a connection with nature and peace – with inner and outer wellness at the core of their services. 
  • Casino: 6,500 slot machines and 120 table games make for an extraordinary entertainment lineup.
  • Shopping: Maybe you hit it rich on the casino floor and the money is burning a hole in your pocket. You’re in luck: right next to the gaming space is an extensive retail shopping experience you’ll love to explore. Whether it’s fashion and merch or casino-themed gifts you want, it’s all there for the shopping.
  • Food and Drink: Yaamava offers seven dining options and several bars and lounges to fit your tastes – you won’t get bored even if you stay for a long time, and we recommend it to see everything. 

What this breathtaking renovation means for Las Vegas is an amazing team that’s capable of building monuments to luxury and comfort in the heart of the desert, then filling it with the kind of dining, entertainment, and relaxation options that prove they are some of the best in the industry. 

To plan and book your stay at Yaamava while you await the Palms reopening, visit the website

Ghost Bar and Pearl


In the meantime, we have some questions. And some news to celebrate.

The Palms has long been a staple on the Vegas Strip, with The Ghostbar an iconic nightlife destination that has been sorely missed. It was re-branded as Apex under the last owners, but somehow it was never the same. We now know that Ghostbar is coming back – so get ready to enjoy some of the best views on the Strip from your favorite Vegas landmark once again. 

But that begs the question: is the Pearl returning? We already know that Live Nation is booking at the theater, we just don’t know if the iconic Pearl will re-open as The Pearl or not – and we want to know.

While we’re at it, we’d love to know why the Palms is following Sheckells – maybe they’re as big a fan of her as we are of them!