A Look Inside: Palms Resort Las Vegas Reopening with New Ownership After Two Yeas

For two years, the mystery of the Palms Resort has loomed large over Las Vegas. Since 2019, locals and travelers

The Palms Resort Las Vegas is Reopening Tonight with New Ownership After Two Years

For two years, the mystery of the Palms Resort has loomed large over Las Vegas. Since 2019, locals and travelers alike have looked at the Palms and wondered what the future would hold. A big sale in 2021 answered some of those questions, but the future was still a mystery.

Now, that mystery is solved as the new owners are throwing the doors open wide and welcoming guests again – and it was every minute worth the wait. The reimagined and reopened Palms is a beautiful new destination built with the elegance of the old, and it will soon be competing with its peers on the Strip. No longer a place just for locals, the Palms is the new/old Vegas spot you should add to your next trip to Sin City.

With beautifully reimagined rooms and a vibe that's completely different – the new Palms is a work of art itself in a destination known for its artwork.

The New Owners Open Wide the Doors – Welcome Locals and Travelers Alike

In 2021, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians closed the $650 million cash deal that put them at the helm of the Palms. They were then granted the first ever gaming license for a Native American tribe to both own and operate in Las Vegas, a historic first.

In September of 2021, Cynthia Kiser Murphey was named General Manager, and Latisha Casas the Chairperson/Treasurer of the San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority (SMGHA) board in 2019.

Murphey was named President and COO of New York -New York Hotel & Casino in 2008, and she served in that role until 2020. In that role, she was in charge of operations and refurbishments for the 2,000-room property. Before her time at New York-New York, Murphey spent years in the hospitality industry honing her skills and learning how to create a multi-use destination.

With a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management and a love for mentoring, Murphey is a leader in an industry that's reinventing itself in the wake of the pandemic. In addition, Murphey holds a master's in Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she also served as part-time faculty and adjunct professor.

Murphey brings to the Palms a solid sense of how to transform spaces, infinite knowledge on keeping the multiple cogs of a resort machine moving smoothly, and the innovation the space needs to move into its rightful place among the international destinations in Vegas.

As chairperson of the SMGHA Board, Casas brings over a decade of leadership experience and skill. Casas has served multiple roles in the San Manuel tribe, and embraces a strong commitment to education for all of the Tribe's citizens – and Native Americans as a whole.

The SMGHA Chairperson graduated from the University of Redlands in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

Between Murphey and Casas, the Palms' future is in more than capable hands, and it's showing through the extraordinary reopening and promise of what's to come.

On opening night, Murphey shared this thought in a statement, "Our team has worked incredibly hard to get to this day, and it’s a great accomplishment to introduce Palms once again to Las Vegas. The excitement and outpouring of support to see Palms reopen has been incredible. This is truly a special property, and we all consider it a privilege to be trusted with its return to the city. Our goal is to deliver a distinctive experience that makes everyone feel at home while they are in Las Vegas.”

Cases added, "We could not be happier than we are today. So many people came together to make today possible. We are grateful for the expertise of our shared services teams and the hard work by Palms team members to make this day a reality. And the Las Vegas community and our brothers and sisters from the local Southern Paiute tribes have been so generous and warm with their hospitality. This is a day our Tribe will never forget.”

The Palms Resort Returns From the Desert Sands

The Palms Resort is comprised of 1,365 rooms and two distinct stay experiences: the Palms and Palms Place. All of the rooms have been created again anew with a singular sense of style and comfort.

The Palms is comprised of 766 rooms and two towers: the Ivory Tower and the Fantasy Tower.

In the Ivory are 428 rooms; 390 of which are standard rooms ranging from 460-620 sqft, 7 massive penthouse suites, 30 standard suites and the Real World Suite – made famous by the MTv show.

In the Fantasy are 338 rooms, with 281 standard rooms, 30 standard suites, 20 penthouse suites 6 sky villas and several themed suites. Themed suites include Hardwood Suite, the bowling-lovers Kingpin Suite and the Cinema Suite.

In Palms Place, with 599 rooms, is its own unique destination with three distinct types of suites and 2 distinct types of penthouse suites.

The Palms Pool is a 73,000 square foot venue with two unique pools, 39 cabanas (many of which have their own jacuzzi) and luxury poolside seating.

For dining, guests can enjoy the following venues (with more to come):

  • Scotch 80 Prime
  • Mabel's BBQ by Chef Michael Symon
  • Serrano Vista Cafe
  • Send Noodles
  • The Eatery
  • Rojo Lounge at Palms Place
  • Tonic
  • Unknown Bar
  • A.Y.C.E. Buffet
  • Tim Ho Wan

In addition to the redesigned casino, guests can relax in the 17,000sqft spa, with three levels of luxury and 15 treatment sanctuaries.

Inside the Reimagined Palms

It's easy to imagine what the space is like now that it has been brought back to life, but a first-hand experience is the best way to view it. Now that the doors are open, you can take a look for yourself – and here's what opening night brought.

To kick events off, Mark Shunock hosted a Tribal Ceremony which included members of the San Manuel and Southern Paiute tribes performing traditional bird singing.

SMGHA presented charitable contributions to three local non-profits, cementing their place in Las Vegas' halls of philanthropy.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony and guests enjoyed Dine Around bites with "A Taste of Palms," and a poolside reception party with live local DJs and entertainers including Moonshiners, David Perrico & Pop Strings Orchestra and a surprise “Splash Mob."

The evening capped off with an extraordinary fireworks display, letting Vegas know that the Palms is back – and ready to welcome one and all.

Murphey added in a statement last night, "Not many hotels get an opportunity to make a grand reintroduction in Las Vegas, but Palms is a unique property. We are proud that more than 50% of Palms team members are returning employees and we are confident that this new era in Palms history will be one filled with making new, and lasting memories.”