Paris Hilton Launching Roblox World with Private Jets, DJs and More

Paris Hilton has managed to corner the market in multiple industries. A successful reality star and influencer in her own

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has managed to corner the market in multiple industries. A successful reality star and influencer in her own right, Hilton has launched perfume and handbag lines, and is even a high-booking DJ. So what’s next for the Hilton family heiress? Apparently, one of the world’s most beloved children’s games. That’s right, Paris is teaming up with Roblox.

Surprised? So were we. CELEB takes a look at what it’s all about.

Paris World

Paris Hilton

Roblox. The name alone is enough to inspire glee in children and eyerolls in parents. The game has become pervasive over the past few years, after a rocky start due to safety concerns. Now, it’s everywhere. But no one could have predicted where the game would have gone next: Paris World. Hilton is launching a world that centers around the wonder that is Paris. From private jets to DJs, Paris World will give fans a chance to immerse themselves in a world of the socialite’s choosing. It’ll be bubbly, and fun, and if we’re being honest – a little bit tempting to visit.

Per Variety via MSN, “Paris World, which officially goes live Oct. 6 on Roblox, is described as a virtual oasis of fun, possibility and, of course, #sliving’ (a term coined by Hilton that fuses ‘slaying’ and ‘living my best life’). The new gaming experience includes massive DJ stages, Paris’ own house, a zoo and, because why not, a private jet, yacht and her own personal island.

… ‘Roblox is such an amazing gaming platform to be a part of and it’s so exciting to be launching Paris World,’ Hilton said in a statement provided to Variety. ‘I can’t wait for my fans, new users and the gaming community to experience my metaverse.’”

It may seem like an odd choice for the heiress, but if you were a grown up who was denied a childhood – per her heartbreaking revelation that she attended an abusive boarding school – you might look for ways to bring fun to kids, too. The world is being created in partnership with the gaming studio from Dash Radio’s DXSH, curating a customized soundtrack and event scene for the world. As usual, Hilton is making it “extra.”

Cooking with Paris

Paris Hilton

Now that she can tick, “game creator,” off her bucket list, what else has Hilton been up to? Well, she’s been cooking up something special – literally. On August 4th, Netflix debuted a brand new series titled Cooking with Paris. And it’s just as over-the-top as you’d hope. Hilton shares her exploits in the kitchen with pals like Demi Lovato, Lele Pons, Kim Kardashian and more. It’s a charming romp through both triumphs and mistakes, and everything is pink and sparkly.

ET shares per MSN, “Dishes on Paris’ menu include everything from tacos, vegan burgers, cannolis and frittatas, with hilarious amateur chef moments along the way. Six episodes are available to watch on Netflix, and Paris spoke with ET‘s Kevin Frazier on collaborating with Kim in the kitchen and what she cooks for her fiancé Carter Reum.

‘Kim and I had so much fun in the kitchen. We both had never cooked a frittata before in our life, so we learned how to make that together,’ she said. ‘Ever since that day I’ve been making it every single weekend for brunch for my fiancé, and he is very impressed with my new cooking skills.’”

For fans inspired by her kitchen gadgets, you can buy many of them – and yes, they’re pink. And surprisingly affordable. From a pink KitchenAid stand mixer for $430 to some rainbow mixing bowls running $37, there’s something for every budget to get in on the action.

The Rise of Roblox

Paris Hilton

Cooking with Paris will be incorporated into the Paris World platform. Users can pop into the kitchen and spend time cooking with an avatar of the socialite superstar. But if you’re one of the people out there cursed – or blessed? – enough not to know about Roblox, what’s the deal?

Roblox was actually conceived of decades ago, but first launched as its modern iteration in 2006. It’s a game that allows users to customize a blocky avatar with endless design options, and they can choose from thousands of game worlds to enter, each separated into smaller servers to keep the worlds from being too swamped to be playable. Games on the platform include:

  • “Obbies”: Obstacle course-style games that prompt players to jump gaps, carefully walk along narrow balance beams, or problem solve timing to complete. They come in a variety of themes including horror, comedy, and popular TV shows.
  • “Reality”: Many of the games involve players taking on real-life roles such as working at a pizza parlor, attending school or prom, building a house or raising a family.
  • Puzzle: Puzzle games and challenges entice players to use their minds.
  • Pop Culture: Some of the worlds, like Paris World, are centered around pop culture figures, events and movies. Lil Nas X has dozens of fan-created worlds devoted to his music and style.

The music of Roblox is as eclectic as the game styles, which are endless because they can be created by players. And it uses an in-game currency that can be purchased for real money – the headache of many parents. Players range in age from toddlers to elderly, with most falling in the teen and young adult range. It’s a free-to-play with pay option game, available on almost every platform – so it’s not going anywhere, any time soon.

And the Roblox creators are starting to incorporate the game with more and more real-life stars, such as Hilton. Per Variety, “In recent months, Roblox has stepped up efforts to recruit music artists and entertainment brands to its platform. Rock group Twenty One Pilots staged an interactive virtual concert Sept. 17 on Roblox, following launch events by KSI, Zara Larsson and Ava Max. This summer, Netflix teamed with Roblox to launch the mall from ‘Stranger Things’ on the game platform.

The company, which went public in an IPO in March, this week announced a deal with the National Music Publishers’ Association settling the NMPA’s $200 million copyright-infringement lawsuit. The deal will let all eligible NMPA publishers negotiate new licensing deals with Roblox.”

So what’s next, Katy Perry Land or Dolly Parton World in game? Chances are good, they’re already there – but maybe the stars themselves will get on board. Paris World could be another step in making Roblox a continued force in pop culture.