Party As Vera Wang Would With an Italian Prosecco For All Life’s Moments

The style icon herself, Vera Wang, has put together a collective of women to share tips and tricks on how to


The style icon herself, Vera Wang, has put together a collective of women to share tips and tricks on how to throw the ultimate party. Her “fab gurus” are offering up their greatest ideas in their respective field to build a guide that’ll become a necessity in every home. And, just in time for the holiday season. The entertaining experts she chose vary from culinary to cocktail to music. The three most important elements to a party, right?

Vera Wang inspires her audience to express themselves. “Feeling good and confident is the secret to looking your best. Fashion allows us to show our individuality. I’ve always prioritized and encouraged this as a designer. Whatever you wear, make it uniquely YOU and own that look,” she says. The thriving designer is [recently] all about adding a pop of neon and a touch of sparkle. The bright ambiance of neon “signifies fun, modernity, youthfulness and energy” according to Ms. Wang. And, adding some glitter to your look with a gracefully sequined dress or a glamorous statement accessory will only elevate your style more. Vera Wang took it a step beyond clothing with her new sparkling prosecco, PARTY. The bottle is a shiny silver with a neon yellow label. It’s fabulous design will compliment and spice up any look you put together for your next celebration.

The Chef and The Mixologist


Internationally recognized culinary authority, food writer, TV host, successful recipe developer and leading cooking contest expert Kristina Vanni is Vera’s ‘Chef Extraordinaire.’ If you’re throwing together a last minute get together she recommends giving you Vera Wang PARTY a quick chill. You can do so by “adding a handful of kosher salt to the ice in a beverage tub.” Doing so will lower the freezing tub at a rapid rate so you can enjoy your prosecco at its proper temperature of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Kristina also shared a tasty snack to pair with your glass. Her brie bites are like a cheeseboard in a cup, she says. With just four ingredients – brie cheese, chopped pistachios, chopped dried cranberries and mini phyllo shells, they’re “an easy yet elegant small bite.” Perfect for mingling.

Pam Wiznitzer is a notable NYC-based beverage consultant and bartender. Wiznitzer highlights PARTY as the perfect drink to kick off a celebration. “Bubbles are a universal signifier of ‘celebrations’ so it is very fitting to begin an event with a prosecco cocktail.” She also shares the importance of drinking in season. Always aim to use ingredients that are both in season and readily available. So for all of you planning your holiday soirees, place your focus on cinnamon, rosemary and apple for your specialty drinks.

Tunes For the Soul


Food and drinks are important to keep bellies happy and endorphins high. However, it’s the music that truly controls the vibe in the room. The in-demand DJ and music director, Nicole Rosè, is all about building up the energy with a well curated playlist for your guests. She emphasizes on the importance of creating a playlist long enough to last night. “Finish strong,” she says. “Think about how long your playlist needs to be.”

The Resident DJ recommends that you “calculate the amount of hours and add an extra 30-60 minutes of music for the stragglers.” And, if you need parting gift for your guest, share the playlist in a thank you email. Give your guests something to reminisce with every time they pop open a bottle of Vera Wang PARTY again.

PARTY, With Vera Wang


To craft this extravagant prosecco Vera Wang searched for a winemaker with heritage and pedigree. She found herself at the top winemaking region, Piemonte. She also traveled to Araldica. Piemonte is known for its sparkling wines and Araldica is the producer of the best-selling Moscato in America. PARTY is crafted from 100 percent Glera grapes. It possesses aromas of apple and stone fruit. It consists of citrus notes and fresh acidity on the palate, with a soft and fruity finish.

Vera Wang PARTY is a premium Italian prosecco made for celebrating life’s moments, big and small.” It’s sleek matte silver bottle with “PARTY” in bold neon yellow letters represents everything Vera Wang stands for when it comes to being “uniquely YOU.”