Patients on Ozempic are Losing Their Hair – The Miracle Weight-Loss Drug is the New Miracle Hair-Loss Drug

Many individuals are curious about the potential side effects of injectable diabetes drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro when used

Many individuals are curious about the potential side effects of injectable diabetes drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro when used for weight loss. Specifically, they wonder if hair loss is a possible consequence. While these medications do not list hair loss as a known side effect, it’s worth examining the experiences of those who have used them.

During clinical trials of Wegovy, approximately 3% of participants reported hair loss, compared to 1% of those who received a placebo. Despite this, hair loss may not be directly caused by the medication itself but rather by rapid weight loss.

Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal, a dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic, has encountered 15 to 20 patients per week experiencing significant hair loss, all of whom were using these weight-loss drugs. Typically, hair loss occurs around three months after starting the medication. This condition is known as telogen effluvium or stress shedding, which can be triggered by various factors.

One potential reason for hair loss is a nutrient deficiency caused by calorie restriction. Since these medications reduce appetite and lead to decreased calorie intake, it’s possible that the limited nutrients affect the hair’s health and lead to hair loss.

Additionally, rapid weight loss can affect hormone levels. Women store estrogen in adipose tissue, and when weight is lost quickly, hormone levels drop significantly, potentially contributing to hair loss.

Both short-term and chronic stress, which increase cortisol levels, can also contribute to hair loss. Rapid weight loss is a form of stress on the body, which can further exacerbate the issue.

However, there is some reassurance for individuals experiencing hair loss. When the medication is discontinued, weight loss stops, and over time, hair loss also ceases. It’s important to note that this type of hair loss is usually not permanent.

Preventative measures can be taken for individuals considering these medications. Topical minoxidil, available over the counter in liquid or foam form, can be applied daily to promote hair regrowth. Some patients have also been prescribed oral minoxidil at the beginning of their weight loss journey. It is advisable to take a daily multivitamin, ensure a daily protein intake of 60 to 80 grams, engage in regular exercise to maintain muscle mass and aim for a slower weight-loss process.

Notably, individuals who lose weight gradually tend to experience fewer issues with hair loss.

While hair loss may occur as a side effect of rapid weight loss during the use of these injectable diabetes drugs, it is crucial to recognize that the condition is typically temporary and reversible. Consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended for personalized guidance and support throughout the weight loss journey.