Patrick Carroll Is In Route To Donating $1M Worth of Shoes

Real Estate Mogul, Patrick Carroll, is on his way to donating $1 million worth of shoes to kids in need, already

Patrick Carroll Sneakers

Real Estate Mogul, Patrick Carroll, is on his way to donating $1 million worth of shoes to kids in need, already having donated $300,000 worth of sneakers to date. At the start of the year, Carroll announced his effort to help kids in need and is wasting no time. So far he’s been to Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta, saying, “It’s incredible to see the looks on these kid’s faces when we pull up in that truck.”

Patrick Carroll Believes Success Is For Everyone


Carroll is a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry as well as the founder and CEO of CARROLL. He serves on the board of the Jesuit High School Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay. He donates to more than 50 charities worldwide focusing on health, wellness, and early childhood development.

The CEO focuses on motivating the younger generation by showing them that there are multiple avenues to success. Carroll communicates that you don’t need to compromise a healthy lifestyle in order to pursue your dreams. Both are achievable if you put you prioritize best practices.

Carroll told PEOPLE, “I started my company in Atlanta, so to be here at the Boys & Girls Club speaking to the kids about the power of entrepreneurship means so much to me.” He added, “I want them to know if I can do it, anybody can.”

The real estate mogul sees himself as the black sheep of success stories. He says, “I got in some trouble growing up, didn’t go to college, and was self-taught. I think the message of the American Dream and working hard for your dreams is so important especially these days.”

The Right Shoes Matter


If there’s anything that we need to spend a little extra on to assure comfort, it’s shoes. Carroll says he understands “firsthand how aspirational having the right pair of sneaks can be to a kid in need.”

“It’s incredible to see the looks on these kids’ faces.”

Carroll, a father of three kids of his own, is executing this so far successful sneaker tour with the help of Ben Kickz.

Kickz, famed as “Sneaker Don,” is an American entrepreneur and sneaker reseller. At the young age of 16, he amasses just about $1 million in sales through his self-made sneaker business and managed to attract major clients including DJ Khaled and Odell Beckham Jr.

Kickz has helped Carroll fill the trucks to the brim with high-end shoes to give out to the children.

Carroll’s next stop on the road has yet to be announced but we’re excited to continue watching the journey.