90 Day Fiance’s Paul Staehle Has a New Girlfriend?!

90 Day Fiancé fans have been privy to a lot of drama out of the Staehle household. In recent months,

Paul Staehle

90 Day Fiancé fans have been privy to a lot of drama out of the Staehle household. In recent months, Karine left Paul, filed for a protective order, and went missing as she fled what she described as a bad situation for all involved. Paul recently said he was hoping to reconcile with Karine, but it looks as though that plan is out the window as Paul has revealed his new girlfriend on Instagram. 

Paul and Karine’s Marital Breakdown

As Karine and Paul’s marriage has dissolved over the summer, CELEB has been along for the ride. We explored the allegations against Paul, Karine’s restraining order against him, the confirmation of baby number two, and what the couple has been doing since their dramatic split in August. 

CELEB summed up the drama in an earlier article;

  • “Last Thursday, Paul went on Instagram Live to share the police coming to his house after Karine had called them. According to reports at the time, Paul had seen Karine texting with a Brazilian attorney and using the words ‘divorce’ and ‘child support.’ This led them to get into a row and ultimately to Karine calling the police on Paul.
  • While the police were there, Paul claimed Karine had cheated on him, had an open case with child protective services, and insisted he had 1080P cameras around his house recording everything. 
  • Friday, Paul ended up going to the hospital and claiming on his Instagram story that ‘Karine took off with Pierre. No idea where they are. Neighbors called me upset said your wife’s not in the right state of mind. She just took off with the baby. No car seat. Hopped in some dude’s car and took off.’
  • Paul then claimed that he had an STD that he was being treated for. He was insistent that he had never cheated on Karine, thus implying she had cheated on him in order for him to contract an STD.
  • While walking out of the hospital, Paul returned to Instagram story to share that Karine had taken out a restraining order on him. In the restraining order, Karine alleged many things including that he raped her, called CPS on her, and noted she was afraid Paul would hurt their son, Pierre, for revenge. 
  • Saturday morning, Paul took to Instagram story again to claim that the sheriff’s department had visited his house and that Karine was missing. He urged anyone with information to call the sheriff’s department and let them know where Karine was. Paul also stated Karine’s cell phone had been deactivated– which he clarified meant turned off.
  • In a YouTube video that surfaced, Paul provided an update on Karine missing, noting he believed that she and Pierre were okay because the sheriff’s department had not visited him again. Paul also detailed that he had been receiving phone calls with ‘heinous’ death threats. 
  • On Sunday, Karine- who had been missing from social media- returned to social media and released an official statement that read the following: ‘I want you all to know that me and Pierre are doing well now. All this past days I had a lot going on. As the media showed, I had issues where the police was called because I feared for my life and my son’s life which led me to ask for help and ultimately be rescued from an environment that no longer was healthy for none of us involved in the situation. I’m getting the best help I could ever get and I’m really thankful for all the people involved in it. I also thank all the people that worry about me for the support I have had. It have been a big part of my recovery. Relationships are hard and sometimes it just can’t be fixed anymore. I need this time to organize my thoughts, work on myself and care for my son after everything we have been through in the last year and half. Just to clarify, the EPO was me. I had help from a translator since I do not speak English. I also would like to state that I’m not missing. The police knows where to find me if they need me. This is a legal matter not a ‘media matter.’ That being said it’s the first and last time I will speak about it. Thank you all again.’
  • In the meantime, we reached out to Paul who would only comment that the ‘truth will come out.’ Paul also told us that ‘After court, I will talk.’
  • Paul then returned to his Instagram story yesterday to share a few new things. One was a video of the police on the doorstep asking ‘has there been any violence? Has anybody hit anybody?’ You could also hear a baby crying over the video. Paul also shared a screenshot of a one-way travel ticket booked to Brazil on Tuesday, August 18th.” 

Paul Responds On Instagram

Once the dust had settled, Paul posted to his Instagram story. In the post, he said, “For everyone thinking I am chasing Karine in Brazil. Karina is in Indiana USA. I came here alone to clean and organize our Brazil house… …My life revolved around them. I have not seen my son since July.”

The reality show star continued, “…I just want to stay busy and productive. I have to accept the fact I will  probably never seen my wife and son again. Or see the birth or ever seen my unborn child. That being said I think I am mentally doing what is best staying constructive and busy.” 

What’s Happened with Paul and Karine Since The Dramatic Split?

The couple is still estranged after the drawn out and dramatic split in August. Karine has been keeping a low profile, opting to stay out of the glare of fame as she focuses on growing baby number two and caring for son Pierre. Paul claims that Karine has been struggling with her mental health since they broke up. The reality star also claims he moved to Brazil to give Karine space to heal. A week ago, Paul was still signaling his hope that the couple would reconcile.

So Who is This New Girlfriend?

Pasul Staehle

Since Paul has been staying in Brazil, it looks like he may have found love again. On his Instagram Story, Paul shared an image of a woman who fans claim is named Rayza Lima. Lima’s bio says she is a journalist.

Although Paul hasn’t confirmed anything, the image has fans speculating about his relationship status. 

What is Next for the Staehles?

Paul Staehle

They still have their court date in December, so a lot of questions about their future will be answered then. If Paul is dating Lima, he will be eager to sign the divorce, hash out custody, and put Karine behind him. However, if he’s still pining after Karine and the Lima rumors are much ado about nothing, we could be hearing about the marriage for a long time. Karine seems ready to put Paul behind her. We will keep up with their story and bring updates to fans as things happen. We wish Karine and Paul the best in their separate lives.