Peninsula Beverly Hills and Ashley Longshore Collab for Hotel’s 30th

The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills has been occupying prime Los Angeles real estate for thirty years now. The breathtaking

Ashley Longshore

The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills has been occupying prime Los Angeles real estate for thirty years now. The breathtaking hotel’s 30th anniversary is noteworthy in and of itself, but they’re doing something exceptional to celebrate. The Peninsula has offered a months-long residency to pop art icon Ashley Longshore, and it’s the kind of collab dreams are made of. With Peninsula’s classic elegance and Longshore’s grasp of color and form, the team-up is the perfect way to celebrate 30 years by creating something new and unique. More precisely, 20+ new somethings.  

The Peninsula Marks 30 years

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

On July 13th, the iconic Peninsula announced it was partnering with mixed-media artist Longshore. The collab is in honor of the Beverly Hills destination’s 30th anniversary. Starting in July, Peninsula will give its patrons a first-hand glimpse at the creative genius that is Longshore. 

During Longshore’s months-long residency, the artist will be creating over 20 unique new pieces of art inspired by different perspectives on the property. Along with Longshore’s art comes a unique series of curated events for guests to enjoy as well, to partake in her energetic and iconic style and atmosphere.

Peninsula’s press team shares, “Longshore will move about the suites and grounds of The Peninsula Beverly Hills during her residency in order to infuse her pieces with the essence of the property.

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy an over-the-top tea service, inspired by the hotel’s iconic, traditional tea service, laced with Longshore’s signature pop-culture inspired flair, from hand-painted Champagne bottles and sneak peeks of art from her forthcoming book on the menus, to cheeky placemats and napkins featuring some of her signature phrases, a beautiful array of petit fours hand painted with her artwork, meet-and-greet and book signing opportunities and more. Pricing for this limited-time tea service begins at $125.” 

In November, guests will have the opportunity to participate in an experience with the cheeky title, “In Bed with Ashley Longshore,” a leisure package that includes limited edition gifts and a welcome letter from Longshore herself. This package starts at $795 per night. 

At the end of Longshore’s residency, the hotel will host an art show displaying more than 20 of her hotel-inspired pieces. Peninsula’s team adds, “From hotel champagne buckets dripping with pearls, a nod to the hotel’s upcoming 30th anniversary, to bright, vivid illustrations of opulence and elegance, the show-stopping, exclusive collection is set to be coveted by long-time collectors and new fans alike.

… ‘The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a cornerstone of LA culture, sophistication and glamour,’ said Offer Nissenbaum, Managing Director of The Peninsula Beverly Hills. ‘Ashley is a visionary and entrepreneur with unmatched charisma and embodies an essence that resonates deeply with the spirit of our legendary hotel. We are thrilled to have her with us this summer and look forward to her capturing the magic that is uniquely Peninsula.’”

Ashley Longshore: the New Andy Warhol?

Ashley Longshore

Guests who aren’t familiar with Longshore’s work will come away touched and inspired. Sometimes referred to as the “new Andy Warhol,” Longshore’s grasp of color and form to tell a story is reminiscent of other great pop art icons, with her own unique style. Longshore’s style is often playful, brash, and energetic on the surface; but with a profound and thought-provoking message lurking beneath fun and whimsical shapes. 

Longshore was born in Alabama and raised in New Orleans, which kick-started her love affair of all things bold and unabashed. Longshore’s website shares, ” Ashley Longshore creates eclectic pieces—including paintings, textiles, handbags, and more—that both celebrate and satirize contemporary pop culture, feminism, fashion, and American consumerism.”

With a Warhol-like style and a Banksy-esque message, world-renowned Longshore’s place in American pop art is forever assured. In a time when people struggle for words to describe the times we live in, Longshore’s grasp of storytelling through art is more timely than ever. During her residency at Peninsula, Longshore will be well-placed among one of the most vibrant cities in the world to tell the story of this iconic destination through her eyes and seen through the lens of today’s society, with all its triumphs and achievements, as well as its struggles and pitfalls. 

Hotels as Art Destinations

When you think of visiting an art show or museum, you usually think of booking the hotel and then traveling to your destination. But more and more often, hotels are beginning to embrace their roles as more than a place to lay your head. Across the world, some hotels are becoming art destinations in and of themselves. Blending the practicality of a plush place to sleep and relax with the invigorating experience of connecting with some of the world’s best art pieces, these hotels now offer museum-quality displays for guests to indulge in while relaxing on property:

  • Petit Ermitage: This Los Angeles destination boasts over 150 pieces from the hotel owner’s private collection. The collection includes pieces from Dalí, Miró, de Kooning, and Rauschenberg. 
  • Park Hyatt: In New York, the Park Hyatt has over 350 contemporary art pieces. The collection includes 10 pieces commissioned specifically for or about the property.
  • Majestic Hotel & Spa: This Barcelona hotel has a truly impressive inventory that includes over 1,000 pieces of art and includes work from Picasso and Miró among others.
  • Hamilton Princess and Beach Club: In Bermuda, this airy and breathtaking destination has a noteworthy collection including pieces by Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol.
  • The Opposite House: Situated in Beijing, this location rotates pieces quarterly and includes group show of prominent Chinese artists to Guo Zilong’s Hidden Garden sculptures.

Always at the forefront of culture and the contemporary, the elegant and timeless Peninsula joins this list with the exclusive Longshore residency. Peninsula’s team shares Longshore’s enthusiastic words about the residency; “I am creating a series of still life paintings during my time at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, using every inch of the property to tell a story of joy, the love of travel, fashion, and Beverly Hills glamour. I want to meet the hotel guests during tea time and these inspirational elements to the artwork, capturing the most precious commodity, time, and our newfound freedom to celebrate and make memories with people we love, all while integrating the iconic Peninsula Beverly Hills. Aside from creating the still life collection, I am really excited about the spontaneous element of inspiration that this beautiful property will provide. I love Beverly Hills for the primary reason that it’s all about a dream. A big, HUGE, dream… anything can happen in Los Angeles and I want to capture that magic!”

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