PepsiCo’s Soulboost Wants to Help You Quit Your Job – Here’s $5K To Make it Happen

Sometimes, the daily grind becomes too much. The job we never wanted becomes the daily nightmare we need to find

PepsiCo's Soulboost Wants to Help You Quit Your Job - Here's $5K To Make it Happen

Sometimes, the daily grind becomes too much. The job we never wanted becomes the daily nightmare we need to find a way out of so we can enjoy life and thrive.

Everyone imagines what it would be like to chase their dreams, start fresh, do-over, and try something new – but few have the resources to make the leap. A PepsiCo brand, Soulboost, wants to help you quit that nine to five that's dragging you down – and help you get a fresh start.

The Great Reshuffle Reset

Is it time to start over? Are you tired of where your life is going, and you're ready to leap into something new?

PepsiCo's Soulboost is sponsoring the Great Reshuffle Reset Sweepstakes – and it could give you the monetary boost you need to jump with both feet into something new and wonderful.

The Great Reshuffle Reset team writes in a statement, "In light of Mental Health Awareness month and the mass reshuffle with millions of Americans quitting or transferring jobs, Soulboost is introducing its 'Great Reshuffle Reset': an opportunity for those who want to leave their jobs and press the reset button on life by sponsoring five people’s journeys to any desired location to ease their minds and find solitude."

Those who are selected in the sweepstakes will be given $5,000 to use however they want – they just have to convince the team to choose them by sharing why they’re hoping to reconnect to the activities and places they love the most.

Selection of winners is based on creativity of response and no purchase is necessary to enter. Sweepstakes open May 3, 2022 and ends May 20, 2022. For more information, click here.

It’s Never too Late to Follow Your Dreams

Although there's a lot of pressure to get on a single path and grind until you make it work, there's an argument to be made for starting over again – even late in life.

For inspiration to start something new, we're looking at some celebs who didn't hit the big time until relatively late in their lives (which is to say, not their 20's or 30's):

  • Betty White: The legendary actress has been in the business most of her life, but didn't become a big deal until she joined the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore show at 51. And then became a superstar at 63 in the role of Rose on The Golden Girls.
  • Melissa McCarthy: The comedian and actress didn't hit the big time until she played the title role in Mike & Molly at age 40.
  • Morgan Freeman: Although he's been acting as long as most people can remember, Freeman didn't hit the big time until his Oscar-nominated role in Driving Miss Daisy at 50.
  • Kathy Bates: Another Hollywood lifer, most people know Bates from her first big role in Misery, at age 42.
  • Harrison Ford: Although we said no 30-year-olds, we have to give a nod to Ford. The iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones star was a carpenter until his mid-30's, when he went from hammering nails to nailing roles.
  • Jane Lynch: The comedian had some memorable roles, but it wasn't until she played Sue Sylvester on Glee that her star really rose at the age of 49.
  • Alan Rickman: One of Hollywood's beloved late actors, Rickman didn't strike it big until 42 as a villain in Die Hard, and some of his biggest roles came in his 50's and 60's.
  • Lucille Ball: The comedian and Hollywood legend wasn't exactly unknown but didn't reach mega-stardom until she was 40, when Ball and husband Desi Arnaz launched the still-beloved I Love Lucy series.
  • Samuel L Jackson: Although everyone knows him now, Jackson didn't land his first major role until 42 – in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever.

If they can become the mega-stars they did later in life, what's stopping you from chasing your dreams? If it's a lack of $5K – all you have to do is convincingly write where and why you want to take your dreams.