Philadelphia Eagle Fans Can Dish It, But Not Take It According to Survey

The National Football League has some of the most die-hard fans in all of the land. But, they don’t have

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The National Football League has some of the most die-hard fans in all of the land. But, they don’t have the best fans. In fact, some top teams are more likely than others to get an unsportsmanlike conduct flag thrown…at their fans.  Every NFL team has their share of beer-buzzed, field-rushin’ fans in the stands. But some teams have an avid audience that is downright disturbing.

NJ.Bet took a comprehensive look at fans across the NFL to see who had the rudest base in the league. Their results are worth a review. They took a look at the following: teams with the rudest fans, teams with the easiest offended followers and even ranked the coaches and players who were quickest to insult.

So, grab a cold one and get ready to wave the finger (the #1 fan foam finger that is) and get ready from some notable nastiness in the NFL. 

Top Five NFL Rudest Fans

Philadelphia Eagle Fans
Photo: NJ.Bet

Flying high in the #1 spot (not surprisingly) are the Philadelphia Eagles. The “City of Brotherly Love,” really should be renamed to the “City of Brotherly Abuse.” The survey reported the most fanatical of fans are known to earn behavior that puts them atop the rudest fans in the NFL, including initiating physical altercations. The Eagle Fan is more known to fight than fly. 

Ransacking the runner-up spot are the Las Vegas Raiders. The NFL team has had to move more times than they have lost out on the playoffs (oooh burn), their misery is certainly understandable. Despite having some pretty cool celeb fans like Ice Cube, our guess is that many are sore from losing their Raider branded shirts at the slots. 

The team fans making the third place spot are the Dallas Cowboys, which is actually higher than they rank in the league for offensive rushing yards – oh burn! Just this year Dallas Cowboy fans and their base went viral when many were shown throwing garbage on an injured Dak Prescott.

On the other side of mean is mannerly, The Arizona Cardinals, the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars are reported to have the nicest fans in the NFL. Ironically, these three teams also rank in the bottom third of the NFL standings.

Top Five Thin-Skinned NFL Fans

Photo: NJ.Bet

As the saying goes, “Philadelphia Eagle fans can dish it, but they can’t take it.” Well that’s not exactly how it goes, but you know what we mean.

Despite being in one of the coldest areas in the country, Eagle fans reportedly have the thinnest of skins. Ironic since Eagle fans are already reported to be the rudest. In fact, the top two teams with the “rudest fans” are in the top five of the “easiest to offend” list. They are: The  Dallas Cowboys (No. 1), New England Patriots (No. 2), Green Bay Packers (No. 3), Philadelphia Eagles (No. 4) and the Chicago Bears (No. 5).

Top 10 Thin-Skinned Head Coaches and QB’s

Photo: NJ.Bet

It’s not all about the #1 fan though. NFL coaches and players also scored a ranking when it comes to their thin skin. 

Coming in thin-skinned and ready to offend are New England Patriot Head Coach Bill Belichick, Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers and John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens, in that order . Incidentally, those same coaches top the rudest coaches in the NFL list. Perhaps it’s true, attitude does in fact reflect leadership.  

Don’t think that the QB’s on the field got a pass. While you may think the following list is top paid QB’s, you’d be so wrong we would have to take points away. It is actually a ranking from 1-10 of top QB’s easiest to insult. Grabbing the #1 spot is the GOAT himself, Tom Brady. He is followed by Aaron Rodgers, Kyle Murray, Russel Wilson, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Justin Fields and Kirk Cousins.